Adventures of a Curious Nose

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My aim is to explore the olfactory world, not only perfumes I will review. Our everyday life takes us along invisible paths of smell, everywhere! Food, beverages, travel, household and beauty – they all leave a trail of scent, little Madelaine cookies in our memory. I am passionate about life quality improvement based on olfactory experience. I am curious. Join me on this remarkable journey! Let’s Work Together! I look forward to receive samples to review! If you want to talk about sponsoring The Plum Girl, please contact me.


  • Sending of samples does not guarantee a review.
  • All reviews will be based upon my personal opinion and rating scale.
  • Samples shall not be resold but if we agree upon using samples as blog giveaways, we shall define terms of cooperation.
  • In terms of sponsored content, any such article shall have a clear disclaimer and we would agree to it only if we find the product featured fit and worthy.
  • Any link appearing in the text to an outside site is for informational purposes only, it is not paid for.

Why The Plum Girl? The Plum Girl is a character from the book “Perfume”, written by Patrick Suskind. She is the initial girl that started Grenouille’s desire to create “the perfume of the perfumes”. She started his obsession, she made him realise what his life purpose is and she is the one he thinks of in his last moments. The Plum Girl’s intention is to raise awarness of how important olfactory sense is, in every aspect of our everyday life… We write our own texts and respect copyright laws. Please show us respect for all the effort we put into The Plum Girl blog.


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