Forget-Me-Not’s in August

Not the pretty little flowers, of course, because they blossom in Spring. I wanted to give you an update on some projects and perfumes I already wrote about, one new project I plan to participate in and inform you about upcoming events. And to write a reminder for myself 😀

Let’s take a look at these interesting projects and events:

Le Jardin Retrouve

You can check my complete review of all the perfumes (re-)created in the „Perfume Revival Project“ here.

After Clara and Michel discovered a notebook containing perfume formulas recorded by Yuri Gutzatz, forgotten in a storage box, their in-house perfumer Maxence Moutte recreated four fragrances. Fragrance community, fans, collectors, bloggers, perfume lovers gave their vote in order to decide which one should be launched.

And the winner is so called „Black Dot“, named Oriental Sans Souci (named after Garden of Sans Souci in Potsdam, Germany), with more than 47% of the votes. I voted for the Red Dot, although I knew the Black Dot will win…ah well… 😀

Participants can pre-order the Private Edition bottle of Oriental Sans Souci 50ml, in a box numbered by hand and signed by Clara and Michel. There will be only 200 bottles in the Private Edition. You can order yours, if you have the code, by 31. August 2018.

Additionally, the Red Dot – Bois Tabac Virginia (the garden is Virginia Arboretum, Virginia USA) had 28% of the votes and Yellow – Jasmin Majorelle

(Jardin Majorelle, restaurated by Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge, Marrakesh, Marrocco) had 16% of the votes. The owners, a small and family owned perfume house, decided to make subscriptions for these perfumes, as in crowdfunding. The subscription is sold at the price of 120 EUR and these fragrances will be produced if there are 50 orders, in a Private Edition of 50 ml bottles, set in a box numbered by hand and signed. If these pass, you will receive them around mid-October. If not, you will be refunded.

For all the additional info please take a closer look at Le Jardin Retrouve website, here.

Olibere Parfums – the new Precious Collection

The Precious Collecion is inspired by unusual and strong characters from the mythical movies „Out of Africa“, „Dracula“, „Scarface“ and „Nikita“ (perfumes Dangerous Rose, check my review here, Chemical Love and Leather Attraction – the new ones and 2017 Savannah’s Heart) by Marjorie Olibere and Luca Maffei.

It is being crowdfunded via Indiegogo right now!

You can reserve your 50 or 100ml bottle of any perfume, all extraits (14% concentration)– and make no mistake, because upon your order you will receive a sample set of all four fragrances so you can choose your full bottle. With a 50% off retail price and this is a catch! You have 24 days left, the link is here !

Olibere Parfumes – Fragrances in Motion

Perfumes, just like movies, evoke memories and feelings. Olibere Parfums invite you to get inspired by one of their newest fragrances and create your own, cinematographic interpretation. This is a short movie competition (3minutes max) with attractive prizes, and you can be a total amateur (like me) and submit your artistic interpretation! You can even make your short movie with a smart phone – inspiration matters! You still have time to register.

Take a look at the last year’s award winning movies:

Upon registration you will receive a 2ml sample of perfume, as an inspiration. The awards ceremony will be held in December 2018. in Milan. Register now and submit your short movie by November 1st 2018.

Lights, camera, action!

Pitti Fragrance, 14-16. September 2018.

This international fair event is featuring the best in artistic perfumery: this edition will host an even more intense schedule (aaaaaaargh) of special events, involving various venues around the city of Florence (awwwww), like, for example, „Sinestesia dell’anima“ by Unum Perfumes on 14th September at Basilica San Miniaato al Monte or let you explore a union between fragrances and food with a series of initiatives and tastings in starred restaurants in Florence (I’m speechless).

If you plan to go, make sure to register on Pitti website, here

I just took a look at the exibitors list and it is amazing. Some houses have already contacted me to meet and greet in Florence, I am suddenly aware that I do need to make plans, so if you wish to set up a meeting with me before thing get crazy, please do contact me here, or on Istagram The Plum Girl as soon as possible. This time, I promise to organise my time better than in Milan earlier this year 😀

I will be reporting on all platforms, so make sure you follow me on Insta/Twitter/FB!

Elena Cvjetkovic
The Plum Girl Blog

Photos: The Plum Girl archives, Le Jardin Retrouve (art work by Clara Feder), Olibere Parfums and Pitti Fragrance, Forget-me-not: Dimitri Tyan on Unsplash

I share this information because I believe that sharing is caring. This is not a sponsored text, nor are any connected social media activities on my FB, Twitter or Insta accounts.


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