Thoughts & Musings


Olfactory impressions matter. They have played such an important role throughout human existence. Smell is regarded as one of the most powerful and evocative senses; its inner workings are considered more complicated than that of an airplane.

There is more:  the sense of smell is notorious for triggering memories and powerful emotions. It has influenced art, history, philosophy, science and culture, in so many ways. It has influenced you. It has influenced me, so I will sometimes write about various thoughts and musings of a very curious nose.

People matter. People behind perfumes, humans. Perfumes are an art form, so let’s meet and celebrate artists!

Here I share some of my  thoughts & musings, you are welcome to add, ask, contribute and share your thoughts. Enter curious noses!

People of Pitti: Pitti Fragranze 2018.

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Sensuous Smell of Figs

There’s nothing like the smell of books!

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