April 20, 2021: The Perfumed Plume Awards for Fragrance Journalism has announced finalists in six categories, and The Plum Girl is a 2x finalist in the category PERFUME STORIES IN MAINSTREAM MEDIA – DIGITAL!

The founders, Ms. Lapsansky and Ms.  Leigh applauded each and every finalist, all the writers that submitted their work, and thanked the judging committee saying that they are still hopeful that the winners shall be celebrated in person this year.

The 2021 finalists were determined by the highest percentage scores received based on the criteria for each category, and here is the complete list!

In 1963, the male Indian peafowl which is commonly called Peacock was named the national bird of India and also the state bird of Rajasthan.

This gorgeous and majestic bird Mayura which is Sanskrit for Peacock is a symbol of beauty, joy, grace, and pride. They have been an inspiration to art and artists all over the world, painters create life-like paintings of them, musicians like to make tunes around them, designers make interiors inspired by them, sculptors carve their images on different types of stone and wood.

They have been a part of all forms of art and continue to be so. Auphorie Mayura (limited edition), created by Eugene Au and Emrys Au is inspired by this sacred fowl.