Short Poetry Contest by Dusita Parfums & Fragrantica 2020 – 2nd Place, Category: Love

Parfums Dusita I won the 2nd place prize in this worldwide contest organized by Dusita Parfums together with -with this Haiku poem. I never finished my review of Oudh Infini because I love it so much (I felt no words of my could do it justice), so I wrote this poem dedicated to it:

Shadows on the wall,
Trembling in the late afternoon.
A farewell embrace.
    – Elena C.


The Perfumed Plume Awards 2020 – 3x Finalist

Perfumed Plume Awards Finalist Finalist in THREE different categories: Perfume Stories in Mainstream Media – Digital – Magazines, Newspapers, Blog Postings, Webzines – with Jean Claude Ellena -The Man Who Stole The Show/Pitti Fragranze Retrospective; Short ‘n Sweet Perfume Stories – Print or Digital – with JJungle Jezebel Review/Miguel Matos for Sarah Baker Perfumes and INSTApost — Perfume Stories on Instagram – with Lover’s Tale / Francesca Bianchi!

The Perfumed Plume Awards 2019  – Winner

Perfumed Plume Awards Winner Category: InstaPost – Perfume Stories on Instagram  but_not_today” / by Filippo Sorcinelli. Yay!


The Fragrance Foundation Awards 2018 – TOP 5 Finalist 

The Fragrance Foundation AwardsCategory: Online Editorial Excellence (formerly FiFi Awards) in 2018. (Review: “Cuir de Russie”, by Le Jardin Retrouve) and Top 10 TFF 2018 Finalist in the same category, with the review of perfume Warszawa by Puredistance“The Scentf Slavic Melancholy”. So, YES, “small&independent” blogs do have a chance – maybe not to win this lovely-oh-so-Oscar sculpture, but you can reach theTop5!