Code of Ethics & Disclaimer

Code of Ethics

The Plum Girl Blog pledges to the Perfumery Code Of Ethics, as developed by Christophe Laudamiel. 

+ Read the Code of Ethics, full pledge here (link downloads PDF to your computer): Perfumery Code of Ethics

The Perfumery Code of Ethics is currently based on an honor system. There is no commitment besides what is duly expressed above. Perfumers, formula owners, and critics/reviewers are committing personally, and brands may also commit as such.

The Green Celadon Seal is a symbol of good approval, creative fragrances, and solid foundations. Scale (balance) is a symbol of perfumery and justice, and the bell stands for freedom – and whistleblowing.

If you would like to commit, feel free to contact:

Please note that this is the list of brands and individuals as of July 20, 2020 – updates shall follow:

Perfumery Code of Ethics

The Plum Girl Disclaimer:

Please be mindful that I’m most interested in niche/artisan/indie perfumes and products.

  • Sending samples or full bottles does not guarantee a review. No review is paid for, and it shall never be.
  • All reviews shall be based upon my personal opinion and published when I find it fit.
  • Samples/perfume received shall not be resold!
  • Any link appearing in the text to an outside site is for informational purposes only, it’s not paid for.
  • Perfume reviews are informative, not a call to action. Test it before you buy it.

I write my own texts and respect copyright laws. Please show respect for all the effort I put into The Plum Girl blog, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial  – NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License based on work at Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at  – or just visit  About page, and contact me if you have any further questions. 

Elena Cvjetkovic

Author/Writer/EIC of The Plum Girl