When I bestride him, I soar, I am a hawk: he trots the air; the earth sings when he touches it; the basest horn of his hoof is more musical than the pipe of Hermes. ”  – William Shakespeare / Henry V

Sarah Baker Perfumes Bascule thrusts off with impeccably-groomed fields of fresh grass, adds a touch of elegance by well-dosed citruses-infused bitterness, canters in a round, balanced frame with neatly arranged and addictive smelling stacks of hay, jumps over a steeple-chase fence wearing high leather boots, and finishes all the combinations and all the rounds of its development in a well-composed way, remaining refined all the way, and through the drydown.

(This review was first published in Cafleurebon)

Have you ever observed a horse approaching an obstacle in a gracious stride, engaging hind legs forward under the body, flexing loins, with hind legs lined up together to push upwards? The beauty of these magnificent animals moving up and forward to prepare for the jump is immense, the movement of muscles under shiny, well-groomed horse coat so powerful and tense.

Their necks are extended, forelegs folded up and curved during the takeoff phase, and that specific and exact moment when a horse flies over the obstacle (measured in seconds) when the whole muscular body of magnificent animal curves in mid-air to form an arc (bascule in French) – is simply spectacular.

Bascule is considered to be one of the most beautiful segments of equestrian show jumping – an athletic activity that requires almost a symbiosis of a rider and a horse and always manages to leave observers breathless.

Bascule Sarah Baker Perfumes

The Hippodrome is not far away from where I live and the relaxed atmosphere of observing a horse-jumping show is where Bascule transported me in a matter of seconds!
Memories began to float, and I felt an air of joy and anticipation that’s breezing around you when you walk slowly across a well-groomed, freshly mowed grass field above the track as you approach white tents scattered around the field, providing shade above carefully arranged tables with crisp-white settings.

Cold drinks and cocktails decorated with lemon spirals are served to welcome the guests, and waiters circle with trays of petits fours frais, and cubes of juicy peaches, and yet the scent of the soft grass carpet you are standing on is present at all times. The show and everything surrounding the show was always classy, I remember.  You can hear horses nearby, the sound of their snorting and neighing signaling their excitement.

Hippodrome Pary

Those stables are kept impeccably clean, and the scent of fresh hay on a sunny afternoon is soothingly sweet-leaning and tenderly earthy-warm. I find the hay accord used in Sarah Baker Perfumes Bascule addictive; it adds extra depth to the scent and builds an interesting passage towards the deeper tones and a change of atmosphere that follows.

As the fragrance develops further on my skin, it feels a moments when the attention of spectators on the hippodrome shifts toward riders on the course, with their meticulous attire, well-polished leather riding boots, and to horses with carefully adjusted martingales, bridles, crops, and shiny twinkles of spurs in the sunshine.

What surprised me the most in Bascule is that the very smooth vetiver note at one moment reminded me of the scent of a clean horse, an amazing and delicious smell of a fine and well-groomed animal that you can feel if you lay your head against a horse’s and bury your nose in it!

Horse Hugging Bascule

The beautifully balanced dry down of Bascule brings forward traces of softly glowing amber that swirls around more balsamic and aromatic notes, with earthy vetiver touched by dry white tobacco that is slightly spicy at moments.
Poise, angelic grace, and effortless elegance: even when your horse acts stubbornly, or you step into a pile of dung.

Bascule Perfume Bottle Sarah Baker Perfumes

Notes (as listed by the brand): grass, peach, bergamot, Lily of the Valley, hay, leather, vetiver, amber, musk, fir, tobacco, metal tack. Available at Sarah Baker Perfumes

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Elena Cvjetkovic

Photos: Sarah Baker Perfumes/Bascule, Elena Cvjetkovic, Equine Wellness Magazine, HRT, Pexels – digitally edited by Elena Cvjetkovic

A sample of Bascule was kindly provided for my consideration by Sarah Baker Perfumes via Cafleurebon, opinions are – as always – of my own.


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