I managed to smell some Blackbird creations, and here are two that I enjoyed very much. Their fragrances are bold, uncompromising, very funky, and fun to wear. Looking forward to sampling some of their newest additions, so keep this brand on your radar. Y06-S is a nana-banana, and it is great!

Blackbird perfume bottle Y06-S!
Funky bananas. I smelled it first at Esxence Milan (it seems like ages ago) – and it was love at first sniff. Very different, creative, and unique. Refreshing! Confusing? Definitely worth exploring. This is not just a banana fruit scent, no way. And, noooo, this is NOT a gourmand.

A nose-tickling metal intro, a very yellow and ripe sweet banana softened with jasmine just so that it is not edible at all, and – surprise! Enter oud. Or was it there all the time? Oud is actually the star of this show, but it keeps playing hide and seek! Do test before you buy, it seems that people consider it quite polarising. I think Y-06S is tempting.

NOTES: banana, electronics, agarwood, jasmine, and milk.

Universal Supreme perfume

Universal Supreme! A sweet&sour gourmand staub-Zucker/sugar-ground cherry-pits-freshly baked industrial pie with almonds. Summertime and the living is easy, popsicles are melting, it’s hot and you just don’t care because it feels like summer holidays, long days, and promising starry nights. It smells like teen spirit. Fun.

NOTES: cherry, frankincense, cedar, heliotrope, rose, iris, dry grass, oud, sandalwood, swimming pool, and strawberry.

Blackbird specializes in incense too, and Nicole Miller is the founder and creative director.

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Elena Cvjetkovic

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