Reviews for CaFleureBon

Elena Cvjetkovic Perfume Reviews Cafleurebon

My reviews for CaFleureBon, in chronological order:


Sarah Baker Perfumes Charade, Far From the Madding Crowd and Symmetry + Three You Should Be Wearing Draw

Der Duft Bubble Review / Alexandre Illian

Olfactive Studio Rose Shot Review (Collection Sepia) Dominique Ropion (2020) ย + Capture The Moment Draw

Sarahย Baker Perfumes Bascule Review (Ashley Eden Kessler)ย + Horses, Hay and Leather Draw

Meo Fusciuni Varanasi Review (Giuseppe Imprezzabile) 2020 + Olfactory Mandala Draw

Exaltatum Divine Dancer Review (Eglija Vaitkevice) 2020+ Emotion in Motion Draw

Chatillon Lux Admiral Review (Shawn Maher) + Take Me To The River Draw

Houbigant Paris La Belle Saison Review (Celine Ellena Nezen) + Collection Prive Draw

Strangelove silencethesea Review (Christophe Laudamiel) + Beauty of Ambergris Draw

Antonio Alessandria Parfums Rusty Vibes Review (Antonio Alessandria) +Corrupted Beauty Draw

Akro Awake Review (Olivier Cresp): My Quick Coffee Fix Bottled

Al Sahra Review – The Different Company/Emilie Coppermann

Exaltatum Perfumes St. Paul’s Review (Eglija Vaitkevice) + A Baroque Draw

Lost in Heaven Review – Francesca Bianchi Perfumes

Vetiver Coeur April Aromatics (Tanja Bochnig)

V/siteur Cabaret Nocturne Review + Interview With Janne Reiner Vuorenmaa

Mistpouffer by Stora Skuggan (Tomas Hempel) + Mysterious Mist Draw


Houbigant Mon Boudoir Review (Luca Maffei) 2019

Francesca Bianchi – The Black Knight (2019) Review

Stairway to Heaven by Jul et Mad Review (Cecile Zarokian 2019)

Monsillage Route du Quai New Perfume Review

Mendittorosa Talento, Talismans Collection

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