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This year one perfume influenced our (my?) decision where to spend our family vacation: Etruscan Water by Francesca Bianchi Perfumes.

Ergo, the Etruscan Coast, what else? The rest of the team didn’t mind.

Just kidding (and not). This perfume has been haunting me ever since I first tried it, seducing me over months to follow, and when I fall in love I can’t really focus, and I go all the way to the Moon and back, collect a star or two while floating blissfully in space, do a couple of backward flips, usually lend straight on my nose, and this is why I didn’t finish my review yet! It’s still brewing inside my heart. I stray-  let’s move on, vacation, road-trip, brain-out time…

Here’s my Tuscan Coast travelogue, and a story about Etruscan Water: where the idea was born…

Here I go, again: the Danube seems to be the highlight of my recent city breaks!

Budapest is close enough (well, actually, every city in Europe is pretty much – close….) to hop off on a short city-break, and yes – it seems to be getting more and more popular lately, becoming a more and more interesting touristic destination, and no wonder:  Budapest is the tenth-largest city in EU, a Beta+ Global City and it is cited as the “Europe’s 7th most idyllic place to live” by Forbes.