Perfume Reviews


Diane from St.Clair Scents wrote to me one day, from the Champlain Valley in Vermont, USA. I admitted openly that I’m always curious about the American niche, artisan, and „naturals“. This is still a huge terra incognita for me.

She was quite assertive (in the most positive and charming way), I’m always curious, and weeks later (it takes so long sometimes), sample vials of Frost, Gardner’s Glove, and First Cut were on my desk.

Just in time, somehow, since I really got a little bored with recently worn samples.

“In the beginning there was earth, wood, stone, metal and leather…”

These are the primal elements according to Mr. Bertrand Sonnier, owner of this artisan perfumes company for twenty years.

The work of Jardin de France began more than 100 years ago in Amboise: still manufacturing, still featuring an in-house perfumer – Justine Brivet, always giving tribute to Burgundy/Bourgogne, the heart of France – a magic place with a long and proud history.

„Recordate lo juorno
ca stive a me becino,
e te scorréano, ‘nzino,
‘e llacreme, accossì.
Deciste a me: “Non chiagnere,
ca tu mio sarraje”.
Io te voglio bene assaje
e tu nun pienze a me.“

Te voglio bene…assaje! I love you very much. Sounds familiar? It’s Napoli, Italia. One of the songs that make me shiver gives me goosebumps, and one of the first things that come to my mind when you mention Naples. And now, let me introduce to you Luigi Borrelli fragrances!

Memories of a date palm tree:

What if an old palm tree in an oasis somewhere far away in a desert could tell you about its memories? Fragrant memories of all events that it witnessed? Date palm trees are silent observers of life unfolding in their shade for ages. It would be unfair to describe them with only one note, the one trying to recall palm leaves, usually an accord painting a summer-tropical-relaxed vibe, as we have known it up to now. What about its flower? Trunk? Fruit? Surroundings? The whole experience? A fragrant ode to a palm tree? This is what FO’AH is all about…