Perfume Reviews


Al Sahra. Sahara. It was very brave indeed for The Different Company to name a fragrance after Her (I always refer to deserts in the feminine gender, just look at the lush curves of dunes), ancient and mighty, soft as smooth sand of its endless dunes and harsh as suffocating winds that rage above its surface. Here is my review of Al Sahra,  first published in Cafleurebon.

Vanille Reve, created by Maurice Roucel for Shalini Parfums, and launched in spring 2021, is the sixth addition to this line of quite elegant perfumes: a vanilla-centered fragrance brightened by spicy anise, enhanced with white florals, and delivering a very finely balanced sweetness. It feels cocooning and embracing, like a late-night (silk) pillow talk…

Puredistance No.12: She walks in beauty…so soft, so calm, yet eloquent (as Lord Byron would say), and she has come to stay.
One of the best niche perfume releases this year, and (yet again) a timeless beauty coming from Puredistance Master Perfumes.
Congratulations, Nathalie Feisthauer, and thank you Jan Ewoud Vos for – being yourself. Here’s my review, and the full behind-the-scenes story about Puredistance No.12!

The inspiration behind Antonio Alessandria’s Rusty Vibes was one specific image, created  by the photographer and essayist Alex C. Musgrave. A photo of flowers, an atmosphere, inspiration plus creative freedom, and Rusty Vibes was born!

This perfume was the fourth bespoke fragrance created for Çafleurebon’s 10th anniversary, and my review was first published there.