There are so many lovely fragrances that I haven’t reviewed in detail yet but wear and enjoy enormously. Like Charlatan! Created by Rasei Fort  for Fort and Manle in 2016, smelling of chocolate, tonka beans, a bouquet of flowers, and sweet lies.

And I always say that I’m not so much into gourmands. Meaning, I’m just not into SWEET perfumes, but Charlatan is far from that. Yes, Charlatan is technically a floral gourmand but an extremely charming one, seducing you slowly and deliberately with caramelized pears, dressed in rose petals and a tender floral touch, having an intense love affair with Jasmin, and casting upon you a heavenly spell of truffle, vanilla – amber, and tender roses.  It has a soft and tender side but also a dark, mysterious side to it. Bittersweet.

Charlatan Fort and Manle Perfume Bottle

I get lost in it, keeping the inner joy of wearing it just for myself. Its sensuality is dark and disarming, so irresistible. In its smooth composition, I drown in that dirty dark rose I love so much…but it’s really about the atmosphere, mood, and feeling, not every note or accord felt –  because this perfume is tricky and well blended.

Refined yet strong, sweet yet earthy, cozy and warm,  Fort&Manle’s Charlatan weaves its fragrant story of seduction and betrayal in such a memorable and unique way. Feeling like a bad girl with a secret weapon!

Notes (as listed by the brand): Charlatan begins with the soft seductive sweetness of Pear dipped in Chocolate, teased with the earthy and titillating carnal severity of luscious black Perigord Truffle. This is moved into a blissful interlude of exotic, balmy florals with all of their delightful natural oiliness present: Damascene RoseJasmine from the spicy exotica of Morocco, and the leathery bounce of Osmanthus. This sinful symphony is enriched and saturated with Madagascan Vanilla Bean, spicy Sandalwood from West Australia, and rounded out with Himalayan Amber.

The Plum Girl

Elena Cvjetkovic

Photos: Elena Cvjetkovic, Pexels.


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