I look at all the fabulous photos my friends posted on Instagram and Facebook on the first day of Advent: creative, fun, colorful or minimalist, candles, and decorations. So, what is missing? Scented Christmas candles, of course.

I wonder…how these homes – smell? Is the scent complementing the visual effect? Does it conjure the atmosphere and enhance the occasion? I wonder…

Here comes Advent, the first candle is lit, Hope. My choice: Francis Kurkdjian – Aqua Universalis scented candle. Simply fresh and light, this perfume is unisex, for any occasion, anytime, anywhere.

A perfect choice for any newbie in niche perfumes’ world with Bergamot from Calabria, Lemon from Sicily, White Bouquet (Lily of the valley and sweet Mock-Orange), and Light and musky woods.

Three to follow? Well, those are my personal choice, my own olfactory secret impressions of Peace, Joy, and Love. I strongly encourage you to play with scents, express yourself! I love to indulge in Christmas candles scents and fragrances!

Now stop. Imagine Christmas. Imagine what it means to you, what are your memories of it, what would you like to share?

Great. Now try to imagine Christmas without all the wonderful scents it comes with! It’s the time of year to radiate comfort and warmth, festive atmosphere, nostalgia, tradition, family gatherings, core values, and – emotions.

Trust me, your scent memory is the best guide. The fragrance is deeply personal, we stock olfactory information and create a library of memories and associations – and the scent you choose just releases all those “saved on your personal hard disk” effects.

You might choose a simple scanted candle vanilla flavored or something like apples&cinnemon: fine, if that matches the memory that makes you happy and you want to recreate a special moment, or share it with your family and guests. A scent can also complement your decor: I am sure you wouldn’t choose the same for minimalistic white and silver color choice or abundant greens and reds, right?

But there are so many, you might say. Yes, there are soooo many, even in the niche scented candles world. Which ones do you recommend, you might ask as well. Well, I am certain that your nose will tell you which one is right for you: just close your eyes and FEEL the fragrance.

Maybe you’ll want to create a completely different atmosphere, something that belongs just to you: niche scented candles really can work a miracle here! Benefits? They do provide longer burning time, up to 60 hours per candle. Scent? Given the larger percentage of perfume, they do smell stronger (not like those vanilla scented candles you buy at a store, and by the time you get home you wonder where did the scent disappear).

Want your home to smell like fresh snow? Check, niche candles got that covered. Like that fresh laundry scent? Check.

Something rare, special, unusual? Oud is very popular recently. Not only to smell “nice”, but to make that fine crackling sound just like an open fire in a fireplace? Check, take a look at my previous post. Maybe you would like a candle to match the niche perfume you are wearing? Check, ditto.

What I’d like to share with you (or remind you of) is a story. You know just how much I love great stories about fragrances, and this one reaches back to – 1643. Maison Cire Trudon is the oldest wax-producing factory worldwide. Rolls Royce of candles, they call it.

It was the provider of the royal court of Louis XVI and most of the great churches of France, and is, even today. It all started with a witty merchant, Claude Trudon who moved to Paris in 1643, married well, and invested the capital so earned to open a small store on Rue St. Honore.

Others made candles as well, but Claude’s candles smelled well and burned clear.
His sales rocketed. He saw potential in that and decided to make and sell – fine candles. Witty as he was, even back then he was aware that marketing matters. He searched for the best wax, finest ingredients and started supplying many churches.

Soon the court of the Sun King gave him exclusivity and voila – his candles were all over Versailles. Of course, during years to come, there were twists and turns, but the production kept going. It is said that Napoleon’s first gift to his newborn son was a Trudon candle and that the last thing he wanted to smell before dying in exile was his beloved – Trudon candle.

They survived revolutions, electricity, and mass production were pushed in a niche corner and remained providers of churches and a few connoisseurs. But as all good things tend to last, so did the Cire Trudon brand. Revived, sophisticated, and classy,

Trudon really links experiences with scents, it conveys wit and sophistication upon the user. I love their glass cloches (my preciousssssssss uf!) The making of these candles is fascinating as well. The candles are hand made in Normandy, using pure cotton wicks, and are 100% natural and biodegradable.

Labels are produced by the oldest champagne label maker in France and glasses are mouth-blown and made by artisans in Vincy, Italy. Yes, these candles are as finest as they come.

My recommendation for the Christmas  candles season: Maison Cire Trudon
Bethleem –Spicy Amber
Head Notes: Cardamom, Pepper, Saffron.
Heart Notes: Musk, Tonka Beans, White Flowers.
Base Notes: Amber, Cedarwood, Sandalwood.

Betleehem Candle Trudon Christmas Candles Unbelievable! The first sniff I took and whoaaa! I WAS in Bethlehem once again, and it was Christmas Eve and the night was warm and filled with the murmur of prayer…

Its soft light reminded me of thin wax candles lit all over churches we visited, I almost felt the cold stone inside The Church of the Nativity, bending over to pass the Door of Humility, climbing down to reach and touch the silver star on the floor. Ultimate Christmas candle for me.

Betlehem Star

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Gabriel Candle Trudon

Gaspard – Woody Mandarin

Gaspard Candle

Abd El Kader – Christmas – Moroccan Mint Tea

Abd El Kader Trudon

Ernesto – Christmas – Leather and Tobacco

Trudon Candles

Olfactory marketing is becoming a huge business, remember that when you think about your home/office candle. If you want your home or office to smell “nice” – spray away, common deodorant will do. But if you want to make an impression, create an olfactory memory, and match the scent with your personality – I believe this is worth an effort.

And hey, didn’t I tell you that any scent you encounter for the first time stays in your memory for a minimum of ten years? Connected with the impression you left? Big brands use fragrance as part of their brand strategies, why wouldn’t you? A suggestion: please use one at a time. Lightning a different one in every room is really – an overkill.
Enjoy your choice of Christmas candles!

The Plum Girl

Elena Cvjetkovic
Photos: Maison Cire Trudon, The Plum Girl
Products mentioned available at Maison Cire Trudon, Parfumerija Top
Smelling performed at Parfumerija Top, Zagreb

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