The Plum Girls goes to Esxence 2018 in Milan!

All the lucky stars have aligned themselves in a perfect constellation and yes, I will be there! Finally.
With a little help from my friends, I plan to conquer The Mall 😀

I solemnly swear to share all the adventures of my very curious nose with you, as much as I can, all I can. I will post on Instagram for instant insights, FB live for live events, and take notes for more detailed blogs to follow!

Some peek previews and expected debuts are already given out by Persefume, the Media Partner of Esxence 2018, as teaser info:

New Neela Vermeire Creations, Parfums Paris fragrances, Olibere Parfums with three new extraits and a new line: Les Insoummises – the “Romance Collection” comprising of four Eau de Parfums inspired by four romantic movie characters -will have an official debut at Esxence! Atelier des Ors also told me something new is brewing!

Since I am having an official debut at Esxence 2018 as well, I just hope to cover as much ground as I possibly can in these four days!


Let’s start now, two weeks from the official fair start, with some general information:

Esxence – The Scent of Excellence: Milan, 5-8. April 2018.

Facts&Figures 2017. (Esxence was named „Garden of Eden“):

– 212 Exhibitors
– 7410 Visitors&Operators, from all over the World
– 30% Italian brands, 70% international brands (out of which 60% from France)
– 5000 m2 exhibitors’ space in The Mall

Esxence, celebrating its tenth edition, is now internationally acknowledged as the world’s leading event devoted to artistic perfumery. In ten years, Esxence has contributed to writing some crucial pages of history that only artistic perfumery, whose roots delve deep into nature and its priceless raw materials, is capable of translating into notes with the potential to capture all our senses.”

Esxence is not just another trade fair. In fact, it is not a trade fair at all: it is the moment when all the elite of the sector – perfume houses, noses, connoisseurs, researchers, buyers, specialists, distributors, professionals, and aficionados – get together in Milan in the name of the most authentic, refined olfactory culture.

Esxence is the quintessential international stage: it is here that all the new ideas are launched every year… and it is at this incubator of talent that new brands and young people want to take their first steps, knowing that they are showing themselves to the leading names in the field.

More than 200 perfume houses – both well-established ones and newcomers – will be present at Esxence directly or via their distributors, representing the excellence of the international artistic perfumery sector.

These brands have passed the hurdle of strict selection by the Technical Committee – eight anonymous experts, plus a president – based on the quality of their olfactory suggestions, the criteria of their distribution, and the match between their concept and the world of creative perfumery, pursuing the aim of giving visibility to excellent quality and offering visitors none but brands that express great respect for the art of perfumery.

As a consequence of this painstaking, detailed selection process, Esxence is in a position to offer its visitors an excellent array of interests for new business and discoveries every year, confirming Milan’s role as the world’s artistic perfumery capital.

On the one hand, there are the Main Brands, names that have long had a stable presence in the market (40% of the brand list), while on the other Esxence fulfills its function as an insightful scout in its sector, drawing up a list of new proposals, dubbed ‘Spotlights’ (60% of the total), the best of the emerging new brands.

This significant factor confirms the Milan event as the most prestigious setting for venturing forth officially onto the international stage. Foreign brands in fact account for 70%, most of them coming from the rest of Europe, although some also come from the United States and the Middle East, once again illustrating the salon’s international leadership and vocation.

With determination, Esxence 2018 pursues the objective of giving visibility to excellence, through high-level requirements based on quality and coherence, which perfectly represent the Art of Perfumery and its creativity.

In addition, it is committed to welcoming other expressive forms of quality in fields such as, Home Fragrance, Toiletries, Cosmetics, and Make-Up, which have creative and distributive affinities with Niche Signature Perfumery.

Esxence 2018 aims to become an international and solid reference point over time for all of the brands that stand out for the quality of their offerings, marketing choices, and their distinctive distribution of Niche Signature Perfumery.

The aim of Esxence is to create a meeting opportunity for the producers of Artistic Perfumery, therefore only the parent companies are authorized to exhibit.

Workshops, analyses of new markets and new trends, and debates about progress made and challenges to be faced will all feature international experts, authors of important publications and magazines, researchers, and scholars.

Lastly, for the fourth year running, Esxence will host the announcement of the finalists in the Art & Olfaction Awards, the prestigious Los Angeles-based award for independent artistic perfumery. ”

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Esxence 2018 BRAND LIST

Source: Esxence 2018 Press Release
Photos: Esxence 2018 Press Material

The Plum Girl

Elena Cvjetkovic


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