Esxence– The Scent of Excellence is due to take place again (the eleventh edition) in Milan, from 25th to 28th April 2019, at The Mall (Piazza Lina Bo Bardi), and The Plum Girl is a proud media partner!

Esxence Milano 2019

Last year I reported live from the event, as well as many reviews that followed – you may want to read my report here.

Esxence Milano 2018

What will this edition of Esxence offer, covering more than 5000 square meters of The Mall? The majority of brands come not from Italy, but abroad, primarily Europe, but also from the United States and the Middle East. The number of brands is growing each year, the waiting list gets longer and longer, but shall we see/smell innovative, breathtaking perfumes? I certainly hope so! Please, challenge me!

Where is the artistic perfumery going? What are the upcoming trends and brands? This is the place where we’ll be able to feel the pulse of artistic perfumery today, in four hectic days.

The Mall Milan

I’m hoping to find at least five exceptional perfumes this year, ones that will push me into a state of olfactory bliss!

The concept for this edition is Inspiration Flow: linking two terms in the Italian language (inspirare and ispirare) – inhaling and inspiring.

Flow…of emotions, thoughts, and memories: the flow I write about in my perfume reviews. Alas, the moments when I’m completely taken away by a perfume are becoming rare, I do need this energy boost!

Let’s talk about money. These are the figures: “At world level, the share of the alcohol-based perfumery market enjoyed by Artistic Perfumery as a whole is approximately 10%. In Italy, the total turnover for artistic perfumery passed the threshold of €250 million in 2017, corresponding to 12% of the turnover in alcohol-based perfumery and 2.5% of the total Italian beauty business. As this sector has the potential to reach 2% of the beauty business turnover in every country, it has a real chance to develop several billion euros of turnover and give a stimulus to brands that keep faith with their original mission and/or are extremely innovative and committed to research.

Well, it seems like some serious event coverage planning is a must: this edition of Esxence shall be even more demanding. Note: forget the heels, pack comfy sneakers…because this is what awaits us:

Piazza Lina Bo Bardi

The Mall: I think I mentioned the 5000m2 of exhibition space. You can check out the brands’ list here! Impressive, isn’t it?

The Experience Lab: not far away from The Mall, in the elegant setting of Villa Quarzo will be hosting the Experience Lab, the first event dedicated to the most important indie beauty brands/cosmetics.

The Milano Fragrance Week: to be launched from 22th to 28th April, promoting olfactory culture and interest in perfume as an art form – covering the entire city of Milan. That means a lot of walking, running around from one event to the other, from Porta Nuova to Garibaldi and Brera, featuring exhibitions, installations, traveling workshops, concerts, and interactive events…

Add meetings, round tables, workshops, presentations and launches of new perfumes, cocktails, parties, dinners….and you have a rich agenda demanding some careful planning, which I mostly do in advance and in detail – and then mostly give up all my plans after the first day!

Go with the Flow. Inspiration Flow!

This year you can also participate, even if not attending Esxence in Milan: a webinar is organized, in partnership with Les Parfumables and the young perfumer Alex Lee – a virtual interactive workshop that you can now apply to!

I’m looking forward to visiting the Osmotheque stand again this year (oh! This time I promised myself to take a closer sniff of all their treasures exhibited!), as well as finding out who will win the Art&Olfaction Awards, the prestigious acknowledgment for independent artistic perfumery.

Some new perfume launches have been announced as well, so keep an eye on The Plum Girl Instagram/Twitter/Facebook account! I will be reporting from Milan as much as possible, with daily live stories, interviews, events, and presentations coverage!

The Plum Girl
Elena Cvjetkovic

Photos: The Plum Girl, Equipe International
Information provided by Esxence /Equipe International Press Release

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