Irisistible created by Tanja Bochnig of April Aromatics is an Art&Olfaction Awards, 2019 Finalist. And no wonder! Nomen est omen, I love interesting perfume names, and this is such a wonderful name for an iris-centered fragrance.  I also love Tanja’s creativity and her holistic approach, the whole concept also matters.

This ode to Iris-the goddess of the rainbow, connecting heavens and Earth feels like you’ve been gently touched by this messenger of gods with pink fingertips: a flash of vibrant yet milky opening, with morning dew made of citruses.

Different facets of Iris follow. Irisistible becomes rooty, flowery, and smooth at the same time, at moments even slightly bitter. Buttery flow turns velvety, thick, at times powdery, with floral whiffs. Later on, its inner, musky-smooth warm glow of rainbow spectrum colors begins to shine from within. Smoothly blended, with a very elegant and royal-feeling glow.

This is “natural”: you need to give it your skin, patience, and love. It deserves all the attention, and it gives back generously, unfolding on your skin. Lovely.  And the name! The name is just perfect: Irisistible!

nose tanja boching for irisistible


Notes (as stated by the brand): “This perfume contains the sweetest yellow Iris Pallidia from Italy; it is joined by white Jasmine Grandiflorum from India, red Rose absolute from Bulgaria, yellow Lemon from Italy, white Tuberose blossoms from India, a touch of orange Cassia from Sri Lanka, rounded up in a base of golden Sandalwood and many more.”

The Plum Girl

Elena Cvjetkovic

The sample of Irisistible was provided by April Aromatics for my consideration, opinions of my own.


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