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Lemon Scented Happy Life & Fragrances

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Lemon: what an instant reminder of the summer holidays!

Just one sniff brings back memories of the hot noon sun, green leaves hiding waxy white dainty flowers, unopened ones slightly pink at the top, and suddenly… it’s summertime, and the living is easy.

Lemons are ripe, fragrant, and bright yellow. The ones you see are picked from a tree in my garden, homegrown and untreated. And do they smell! Love this lemon scented life!
Citrus notes are definitely refreshing and uplifting, love them in the Summer but also when days are gloomy and foggy lemon notes paint a happy summertime atmosphere for me.

Need that lemon smell right now? Ok, you can choose between well-established fragrances, or simply make your own – very simplified – cologne…

Lemons lemons

DIY: Lemon Scented Cologne

Got some homegrown, organic lemons as I do? Well, you can use them in so many ways, not only for culinary use in cakes and fish or chicken dishes (the only peel I use in the kitchen is the one I get from untreated lemons, they are in fact abundantly treated with fungicides, parasiticides, disinfectants and all the other toxins used, so please find and use organic ones, ok?).

The fragrant essential oil of lemon is produced by cold pressing the peel and it blends well with lavender or rose, for instance.


This is what you need:

– 1 organic, fresh lemon peel

– 1 organic, fresh grapefruit peel

– Organic essential oils of your choice (Lavander, Basil, or Chamomile, for instance)

– Vodka (don’t laugh, Vodka is the alcohol you need for cologne making, use the one with the highest percentage of alcohol you can find).

Put lemon and grapefruit peel in a glass jar and add vodka until the liquid covers the peel zest. Close tightly and shake once a day. After 2-6 weeks, strain out the peels put in a glass bottle, and add 2 drops of essential oil for each tablespoon of cologne (don’t overdo it…and keep away from that Vodka :-D).

Shake and keep in a shady place. Use whenever you feel summertime sadness, or just brighten up your day!

When life gives you lemons…pray for the organic ones. Grab them all, make a cologne, and enjoy lemon scented life!

Text and photo: The Plum Girl

The Plum Girl

Elena Cvjetkovic




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