An extrait de parfum, Loudo (created by Chris Maurice) is the newest addition to the limited Artist’s Edition of Sarah Baker Perfumes!

September has always been THE month of new releases, with so many new perfume launch announcements this year that it almost feels like those good ol’ pre-Covid times. At the beginning of Launch-tember, let’s invoke all the Perfume Muses: please, let there be beauty, originality, and quality!

As new fragrances keep pouring in, I keep thinking how practical Esxence was, and look forward to Pitti in less than two weeks: in three days, from 10 AM to 6 PM, one can pretty much cover brands exhibiting, and all the new releases! Reviews? They take time. Time is the best judge anyway.

In the meantime, while I’m going through perfume sitting on my desk marked as NEW, here’s my sneak preview of Loudo by Sarah Baker Perfumes.

Do we need yet another Oud-based fragrance? Yes, we do. We always do.

Oud shavings Loudo illustration

Why do we need it? Why not? It’s such a great material, be it natural or reconstructed, so versatile! Like any classic piece of music for example; it’s the interpretation that makes the difference, that specific blend of artists personality, expression, and style, and the notes written ages ago. We don’t know how Toccata & Fugue In D Minor exactly sounded when Bach played it himself, all we know are the various interpretations of it! Let the Oud flow…

Let’s start with the idea: the concept of Loudo is revolving around a play with the word Ludo (Latin) and  its meanings:

“The full name is derived from a play on words for the Latin word most commonly used to mean “play” or “a game”. And, in response to you cunning linguists and strident classicists, yes, we know that its connotations and uses also include “mimic”, “fool (deceive)” or “flirt” – Sarah Baker

The spark of curiosity and amusement in the opening of Loudo is luminous although dense, with a shimmering burst of herbal-feeling bergamot peels, citrusy pulp, and creamy layers of opulent, dry vanilla.

The appearance of finely balanced gourmand aspects is just a cleverly performed illusion: this fragrance is a very smart player indeed. 

The bold character of Laos Oud has a tamed and playful personality in Loudo, and Indian Suyufi Agarwood is bathing in a sweet leaning, ambery-chocolate mist. These Ouds are abstract, tamed, behaving nicely, and not kicking around like wild, skanky animals. But they do have a firm grip, a slight tone of the bitterness of a clean animal, which gets a bit stronger in the drydown.

Distant voices of the ambery feeling vanilla and tingling spices tune together nicely, enhancing the warmth of musky skin above and below the surface of Oud.

skin photo

Before you know it, your skin is becoming softly glowing candle-lit pearly, organically sensual in a very refined way. Spices do chime in every now and then, unobtrusive and fluttering, bonding pleasantly with vanilla and Oud, balancing the sweet-leaning intervals and adding dynamics to this interplay. 

Touches of soft, dry woods can be felt much later, mixing with vanilla and spices, appearing more like wood shavings scattered around to keep the soft glow shining, not muting it. At the end, a powdery  and musky skin scent clings to your skin. 

Loudo is a very smooth, polished, and deep fragrance, and yet so finely blended that it feels easy-going and transparent.  It’s a semi-gourmand without being overly sweet, an Oud-centric fragrance that doesn’t brag about it, and an elegant business person with a childish smile.

Notes (official listing): Bergamot, Neroli, Petitgrain, Cypriol, Orange Blossom, White Chocolate, Laos Oud, Suyufi Agarwood, Musk, Amber, Vanilla.

Update. September 15th: Loudo is available as 50ml Extrait du parfum for orders now!

The Plum Girl

Elena Cvjetkovic

Photos: Elena Cvjetkovic, Sarah Baker Perfumes, Unsplash/Joshua Hoehne

A 2 ml sample of  Loudo was kindly sent to me by Sarah Baker Perfumes. Opinions are – as always, of my own.  Test before you buy! 


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