Mimosa Gold by Exaltatum Parfums captures the feeling of that sweet, creamy, and dreamy softness of Nature waking up with a bright smile, bursting with vivid yellows and tender greens. Its pollen-like floral buzz with a heap of white petals, soft branches, and smooth bulb roots draws me in like a hungry bee: all I want is to stay as long as possible inside of my little fragrant cloud of happiness!

Mimosas always make me feel more optimistic. I need that right now, and you?

The season of mimosas  (ok, acacia, I know…)  has begun! By the end of January, the first bright &puffy yellow rays of sunshine are captured in golden clusters of mimosa flowers, these soft little pompons of joy. And by the beginning of February, I long for them to finally appear in the open-air market, especially during the festivities of St. Blaise in Dubrovnik.
On that day, 4 February,  when continental cities are drenched in rain and the rest of Europe is often covered with snow, Dubrovnik is full of mimosas, almonds in full bloom and first sunny spring days.

Mimosa In Dubrovnik Fiesta

So here I am, “not- really-a-mimosa-lover”, smitten for some time now by Exaltatum’s Mimosa Gold. It is so true that it’s not about a certain raw material, a note, or an accord used in the perfumery, it’s all about HOW it is done (and the quality of materials used, of course).

There are mimosa’s and mimosa’s in fragrances, we’ve seen quite a few in 2020 – some transparent and watery, others techno-bright, and some green and fresh. And I’m talking only about the well-composed ones, the others (screechy ones, those that actually made me shy away from this particular flower interpretation) – I won’t even mention.

Eglija paints an elaborate fragrant story, a fairy tale with dream-like scenery of yellow pom-poms bathing in warm sunshine, bursting with specks of pollen all over, and inviting you to simply breathe in the promise of Spring as deeply, as much as you can. It’s a heartwarming feeling, additionally tempting because of juicy and lush notes of almond blossoms and plum that add a flow of thickness and depth you want to plunge into.

spring flowers and mimosa bouquet What I appreciate the most is the use of ylang-ylang which is done with utter grace and refinement, adding yet another layer of joyful, honeyed bliss to the heart of the fragrance. Mimosa Gold is not fragile at all, it has excellent longevity and projection, along with the feeling of utter opulence that’s so characteristic to some of Eglija’s accords.

As the golden yellow pollen dust settles on your skin, a very elegant base warms you up, like a casually thrown soft blanket you want to wrap around yourself in as many layers as you can, a gentle and loving cocoon made of a lovely used Tonka with sandalwood, knitted around layers of creamy iris and soft, soul-healing vetiver with patchouli.

In the depths of coldest Winter days, it brings warmth, sunshine, optimism, and a smile to my face. Mimosa Gold feels like yellow butterflies dancing around a well-groomed garden that’s just beginning to bloom, like a tender kiss on a sunny Spring day, a new love in your life, promises that sound sweet and hopeful, and it oozes relaxed joyfulness.

That golden dust of mimosa pollen will cover and change irrevocably everything for the better, bring smiles on everybody’s faces, love into our lives, and bright new beginnings.

Optimism in a bottle, and a finely crafted niche Mimosa-fragrance to remember.

Notes (as listed by the brand): mirabelle plum, almond flowers, magnolia champaka China, star anise, petitgrain lemon, acacia farnesiana Egypt, mimosa dealbata France, ylang-ylang Comoros, heliotrope,  sandalwood, tonka beans South America, orris, benzoin, patchouli Indonesia, vetiver Haiti.

The Plum Girl

Elena Cvjetkovic

Photos: The Plum Girl, Pexels

Disclaimer The mini bottle of Mimosa Gold was sent to me by Exaltatum Parfum for my consideration, opinions are – as always – of my own.

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