Nishane, a renowned niche brand from Turkey was exhibiting on Esxence Milan 2019, and here’s my brief report on some fragrances, and the new THE LITTLE PRINCE collection they just launched! Murat Kutran and Mert Guzel are always so genuinely kind, and it’s a pleasure to see their brand (the first niche fragrance brand from Istanbul) grow! I’m looking forward to what’s going to happen next, and from what I’ve heard, things are going to get even better. Let’s wait and see, and for the time being here are my snapshot reviews of Hundred Silent Ways and Fan Your Flames, Little Prince included!

Florane: pulpy bitter-fresh grapefruit, ripe cassis carelessly cut and served with vanilla spiced brown sugar cubes on a festive table decorated with dainty Lily-of-the-Valley and jasmine flowers floating above trails of soft hinoki and musks. It feels like spending a sunny Summer’s day afternoon in a beautifully kept green and lush garden with a simple wooden table and chairs set in the shade of a big tree – filled with scattered, randomly picked flowers in small glass vases, bowls of fresh fruit cut into cubes, cold creamy-powdery fluffy cakes, laughter and sharing with friends and family you love and feel loved by.

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Asteroid B-612. I hold the figure of The Little Prince. Murad, one of the founders of Nishane was really helpful, presenting Le Petit Prince at Esxence Milan 2018 – a new line of perfumes by Nishan Istanbul, consisting of two perfumes: Vain&Naive (a story about the Rose and love) and B-612

B-612. Because everyone looked at the Rose first.

Because it is beautiful. It is.

As the story goes, It’s vanity grew and fed on praises. The Rose realized what is important only upon losing the boy who loved it, watered it, and claimed it. Too late…just too late.

Nishane Little Prince Perfume

Asteroid B-612. Because my inner child looked up to the sky first. Filled with stars, shiny undiscovered worlds far, far away.

As I do every August, on my island. I lay on the beach, hot cobbly beach as comets, called “The Tears of St. Lawrence” swirl and shine even brighter when falling apart. Earth and stars. Hot and cold. Feeling humble and sensitive to the vast beauty of this World, with all its differences that make it so breathtaking and amazing.

Yes, Rose is beautiful. An open mind is even more beautiful…

“Let the waters settle and you will see the moon and the stars mirrored in your own being.” -Rumi

Fan your flames Nishane Perfume

Fan Your Flames

“Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.”

Rumi wrote some of the most beautiful lines I love to return to (and yes, I’ve cried over some of his poems…). I am constantly on the lookout for perfumes that fan my flames, test many on a daily basis but…not many do.

Well, here’s a spark:

This is one of my favorite perfumes from Nishane, and beware, it’s a gourmand: a marzipan-sprinkled-with-rum, dry sheesha tobacco smoke feeling (and I’ve smoked one, so I know what I’m talking about), a spicy-cedar-mossy, creamy-smooth liquid silk on my skin… which felt so good on a cold Autumn day.

Seek perfumes that fan your flames: not all can do that.

Hundred silent ways perfume

Hundred Silent Ways

A gloomy Mordor-like day brightened up with joy and happiness!

Oh, the sweet nectar of fruit and flowers! It made me want to swirl around like a Sufi dancer, especially after the initial phase when it became a smooth, whirling gardenia-sandalwood cocoon.

Have you ever watched Sufi Dervishes dance? This is just what this perfume reminded me of. It’s an amazing experience! I’ve been going around on errands the whole day with that same smile on my lips – in harmony with the Universe…

Tonight I’ll read again some of his beautiful verses: “I closed my mouth and spoke to you in a hundred silent ways.”– Rumi

Keep your eyes on Nishane, there’ll be new launches coming up soon!

The Plum Girl

Elena Cvjetkovic


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