“The Ghost Perfumer” is the true story of a seductive clothing empire heir – Olivier Creed – who brainwashed perhaps the world’s best perfumer into becoming his secret scent-creator for decades, nicking his byline for nothing but a few custom suits and turning that fragrant output into a company sold in 2020 for about $1 billion to the world’s largest asset manager –  all of it amounting perhaps to the greatest con in luxury retail history. – Gabe Oppenheim

Gabe wrote a fascinating and breathtaking true story about people of perfume, art, relationships in the perfume industry, profit, fame, love, deceit, and here is my interview with him!

In the everyday French language, “Tous au parfum” means “Being in the know“. In ancient Greece, “Aller au parfum” meant getting together, talking, discussing, and sharing.

The first international meeting of perfume professionalsTous au parfum!, organized by the International Perfume Foundation Paris, is planned to take place on  Friday, 01.07.2022 in Paris.