Vivid dreams are the most memorable dreams!

We all dream, yet some dreams are full of details, sounds, and scents, leaving a lasting impression.  I read somewhere that dreams don’t come true – they ARE true.
Panther Fangs is a dream transformed into a perfume!

We shared a dream, Miguel and me.
During the beginning of Covid-imposed isolation, while we were spending time locked at home and talking to each other every now and then, like so many friends that were trying to keep in touch during hard times, unable to meet – we shared one night the same dream, although miles apart. It was one of those dreams that leave you grasping when you woke up, remembering everything fully, feverishly, and in all detail.

We talked about it, discussing the unconscious that may lie behind it, and analyzing what its meaning might be. And what it smelled like, the atmosphere, our feelings, and we were so obsessed with it that we couldn’t ignore our dream. 

We shared a dream about a powerful black panther – free in the lush wilderness, tense, its muscles moving beneath the shiny black coat, with slit-eyed, and focused allure.
In our dream, the black panther had fangs of jasmine, claws of amber, and shiny and smooth feline fur.
It moved with grace, blending with the night.  The powerful beast seemed so self-confident, graceful, and mysterious, and yet…there was something even greater about it: a feeling that it could never be caged, held in captivity, or tamed.

Panther Fangs Studio Photo Perfume Bottle

Miguel Matos immediately wanted to express this dream in the form of perfume, and this adventure began two years ago. Samples were made and sent, pre-production formulation was prepared; there were three perfumes we worked on, at that time.
One to make you feel stronger, one to refresh and calm you down, and one to lift your spirit high and make you feel connected with nature. Panther Fangs is the first one.

I believe in the power of dreams, that dreams can tell you what you already know about something, and what you feel deep inside. Dreams can point you toward things you need for your growth if you are uncertain, they can help you connect with your inner-self on a deeper level, and heal. Your unconscious is powerful when unleashed in dreams, and some things can be seen only when it’s dark.

Panther Fangs Perfume Bottle

Panther Fangs, our dream, told us that we ARE strong, that no lockdown can break us, and that everything is easier when you have a friend to talk to during difficult times, share your feelings, or just comfort each other.

Panther Fangs seems soft at first, while the eyes of the beast are still dreamy, its green gaze is hypnotic and breath fresh.
The danger lies beneath its smooth and flowing movement and waves of suspense roll in the warm air surrounding you.

The dense, dark, and narcotic atmosphere, later on, is laden with bitter-sweet, penetrating buchu notes,  flanked by sweet, sensually purring animalic, and hidden flowery aspects.

A moment when the dream unravels before your eyes, taking you over, and penetrating reality is captured, seized, and translated into contrasts, rhythm, and subtle movement of perfume notes.

Jasmine-scented white fangs of the dark beast shine above depths of amber with a sharp and civety character, and lingering smoky notes – this is what we immediately agreed upon: the black panther in our dreams had teeth consisting of Jasmine Grandiflorum…glowing in the dark, stunning and majestic.

Panther Fangs Presentation

Panther Fangs is a 50 ml Extrait de Parfum, For all additional info (pricing and resellers) please visit the Calaj Perfumes website here.

Notes: grapefruit, bergamot, jasmine grandiflorum, buchu, ambrette, amber, ambergris, tonka bean, vanilla, civet, smoky notes.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters, compared to what lies within us.” – Emerson

More information about Panther Fangs, from the brief:

Color palette associations: purple-black, night black, amber, and jasmine white.

Texture Associations:

Panther Fangs Fur Texture

Fragrance Family:  Amber-Floral

Panther Fangs Perfume Texture Photo

Key Associations: Deep, dangerously seductive, dreamy.


Black Panther photo Panther Fangs moodboard photo Panther Fangs Moodboard


Release date: mid-April 2022

Brand: Calaj Perfumes

Nose: Miguel Matos

Creative Director: Elena Cvjetkovic

Production Lab: C De La Niche

Disclaimer: This post isn’t my review of Panther Fangs – it couldn’t be, simply because I’ve been engaged in the whole process since the initial idea.  I also have no commercial or financial relationship with Calaj Perfumes or any party involved.

The Plum Girl

Elena Cvjetkovic

Photos: Calaj Perfumes, Pexels

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