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Reviews 2020

Bath House Patchouli&Black Pepper Review / Ruth Mastenbroek

Balls…Said the Queen Review / DSH Perfumes / Dawn Spencer Hurwitz

Aroma Echo&Narciso Review / DFG1924 by Roberto Dario

Colors & Shades of White: Atelier Des Ors Blanc Polychrome Review 

Francesca Bianchi Sticky Fingers Review: Move Like Jagger. Bianca J.

Christele Jacquemin Impermanence Review + Interview

Le Joker Perfume Review / Art de Parfum

Der Duft: Grasse and Pride Perfume Review 

2 Unique Summer Fragrances: What I Did On My Holidays / 4160 Tuesdays & Beach Bizzare / Visiteur Review

Fado Jasmim Review / Miguel Matos Perfumes: The Scent of Saudade 

Burning With Hope: Notre-Dame 15.4.2019 Review / Filippo Sorcinelli 

Fragrances For Desert Lovers – 5 I Wore The Most

Eresia / Perfums Clandestines Review (Liz Grech)

#sprayitforward Covid-19 Newsflash Series #sprayathome:

Newsflash No.1

Newsflash No.2

Newsflash No.3

Almost Spring Perfumes To Spritz Winter 2020 Away!

7 Niche Years Later: Interview With Victor Wong / Zoologist Perfumes

Freak Chic&Relight My Fire Review: Acampora 54 Collection / Miguel Matos For Bruno Acampora Profumi

A Thousand Kisses Deep: V/siteur Thousand Lakes Review

NOT Perfumes Brand Overview & First Impressions: Do Not! 

Praline  Bliss: Over The Chocolate Shop Review / 4160 Tuesday’s / Sarah McCartney

Liquid Gold: Puredistance Gold Review

Perfumed Plume Winner Reviews 2019

Temptations, Temptations: Eve & Pandora by St. Clair Scents

Cuir Soyeux by Francesca Bianchi For Perfume Lounge, Limited Edition

Bright Lights, Hot Days & Crazy Nights: Los Angeles by Gallivant Scents Review

Beauty as Harmony Pitti Fragranze Part III

Scents, Tastes & Heritage of Mediterranean: Perfumes at Pitti Fragranze 2019 Part II

Roses: From Goth to Illusionist’s – Perfumes at Pitti Fragranze 2019 Part I

Epicentro by Filippo Sorcinelli Brand – Delire

Rosenthal by Hans Hendley: Perfume Review and a Short Story

Unutamam Perfume Review / Nishane / No Boundaries Experimental Collection

Etruscan Water by Francesca Bianchi – Perfume Review

Etruscan Water – Travelogue

Ithaka Always In My Mind – New Perfume Review / Mendittorosa

Postcards & Letters From Côte d’Azur: The Riviera Collection / Atelier des Ors

Menta y Menta – Miller Et Bertaux Perfume Review

Royal Blue New Perfume By Olentia Nasus

Atlante by Sarah Baker Perfumes: Dive Beneath the Surface

Jungle Jezebel – Miguel Matos for Sarah Baker Perfumes

Sex and The Sea – With or Without Neroli / Francesca Bianchi Perfumes

Malay Perfumery – 3 Perfumes Review
Casablanca – St. Claire Scents

Forbidden Love – The Lover’s Tale by Francesca Bianchi

Aden Parfum – Two Roses

Southern Bloom / Goldfield&Banks

Sulékó Paris: Interview With Anastasia Sokolow & Cécile Zarokian

The Plum Girl Is The Perfumed Plume Awards Finalist!

Aroma M Perfumes: Geisha Collection

Inspiration Flow – Esxence Milano 2019

Gentle Fluidity: New Fragrance Duo by Maison Kurkdjian

Gen Next: 27_87 Perfumes Barcelona

Under My Skin/Francesca Bianchi

Why Hello Clarice: but_not_today/Filippo Sorcinelli

Almost Too Much Love: Frost by St.Clair Scents

The Fragrance Foundation Awards FinalistReviews 2018:

The 5th Element: Jardin de France

Te voligo bene assaje! Luigi Borrelli Napoli Royal Collection Review


Joy, Daughter from Elysium: Atelier des Ors White Collection Review

Dangerous Rose: An Insatiable Hunger (Olibere Perfumes)

An Ode to Elegance: Opardu by Puredistance

Oriental Collection by Carner Barcelona (Megalium, Ambar del Sur and Botafumeiro)

Bois Sikar: When a Tornado Meets a Vulcano

#Perfume Revival Project: 4 Mystery Fragrances by Le Jardin Retrouve! I Cracked the Code!

“About Fairs, Good Fairies & Pixie Dust: Esxence Milan 2018. – Recap and Survival Guide

A Dream Come True – Freudian Wood by WienerBlut
Scent(s) of Love

My Six Days (and nights) With Atelier des Ors

The Plum Girl Reviews Reviews 2017:

Le Jardin Retrouve
Cuir De Russie (Russian Leather)
The Scent of Slavic Melancholy: Warszawa by Puredistance
Acqua del’Elba: The Essence of an Island
Precision and Grace: A Dance Of Molecules – Beautiful Mind Series, Vol 02
Phobias of a Perfume Addict

Reviews 2016:

Christmas Candles Special
Flickering Lights, Divine Scents: Niche Candles
Scent Of A President – Eight&Bob
The Queen Who Would Be King – Puredistance Sheiduna
Tangerine Trees and Marmalade Skies
Autumn Leaves Are Fallin’
Plump Poisonous Plum
There Is Nothing Like The Smell Of Books
Sensuous Smell Of Figs
Lemon Scented Life