We are so happy to share some good news: the niche perfume brand for Project Touch has been chosen today:

Congratulations, Kajal! We are thrilled and so excited!

All the 10 niche perfume brands that have applied and simply said „YES, let’s do it! We’re IN!“ have humbled us with their trust, support, and faith in this initiative. They all deserve congratulations on willing to take a plunge, their openness to new challenges, and goodwill. All are absolutely fascinating, and we are grateful to all the wonderful people of perfumes that supported our idea!

Let’s start from the beginning:

“You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.” —Walt Disney

Project Touch 2020 was created by Miguel Matos and me, after a series of brainstorming sessions in the exploration phase of this totally new project – something that was never done before! Initial idea: to help make somebody’s dream a reality… chosen brands’ and (we hope) – perfume lovers’!

Our planning and preparation took place during April, while we were both under COVID 19 lockdown. We’ve gone through Brain Writing, Figuring Storming,  Online Brainstorming (Brain-Netting), SWOT analysis,  project development planning, and this is what the Project Touch 2020 is all about:

  1. The perfumerMiguel Matos, and the creative director (that’d be me) join forces and team up to create a new perfume for a niche perfume brand of their choice, free of charge,
  2. The chosen brandKajal! receives a new perfume creation, according to their brand vision, and in collaboration with the perfumer and creative director. The formula is a perfumer’s take and interpretation, with 2 possible variations of the developed formula to choose from – free of charge,
  3. Formulation, creative direction, naming and all the copywriting in collaboration with the brand is provided, with all rights reserved – free of charge,
  4. A production lab is designated: C de la Niche, and ready to support the brand  in all the necessary production steps,
  5. The new perfume launch date is set for September 2020 (Pitti-time)!
  6. We invite all perfume lovers to follow the whole process of a new perfume creation – we shall report regularly with insiders’ stories, and we’ll secure perfume samples and full bottles for give-aways once the new perfume is launched! Stay tuned!

Project Touch Who’s Who and Why:

Miguel Matos

Perfumer, renowned for his creativity, editor, and columnist since 2013 for Fragrantica. Miguel is a perfume critic, book author, and a self-taught perfumer. His perfumer portfolio includes fragrances made for Sarah Baker, Nishane, Bruno Acampora and Der Duft, to name just a few. His own brand, Miguel Matos Perfumes features a collection of 9 fragrances, one being an Art and Olfaction Awards  2019 Finalist – Veneno, and a series of limited edition – Scent of Fail fragrances. Miguel is a respected perfume writer in the fragrance industry, and a multiple finalist for The Fragrance Foundation and The Perfumed Plume Awards. This year Miguel is a finalist for the Art and Olfaction Awards with the perfume he created for Bruno AcamporaYoung Hearts!

Elena Cvjetkovic

An awarded perfume writer and critic, perfume blogger at The Plum Girl, and Editor at CaFleureBon. Elena is a Top 5 Finalist for The Fragrance Foundation Awards in 2018, The Perfumed  Plume Awards Winner (InstaPost Short Story) in 2019, and a triple finalist in 3 different categories for The Perfumed Plume Awards in 2020. She has a BSc in Economics degree with further sub-specialization in Advertising, with 20+ years of corporate marketing & advertising experience, including new product development&launch planning and execution.

We joined forces: unrestrained creative spirit + thoughtfulness + authenticity+ hyperactivity, and Project Touch was born!

Why „Touch“?

We wanted to reach out to niche perfume brands and lovers, and in this fun way help a brand to launch a new perfume in 2020 in spite of everything – minus one part of the usual financial costs. „Touch“  – as interaction, exchange, closeness as opposed to social distance…Touch as touche, as a perfume blotter. Touch…as a perfume touching your skin, as the 5th element necessary for any perfume to flourish, to touch our souls!

We are having so much fun, and we have received applications from such wonderful niche perfume brands that we’re considering repeating the Project Touch sometime next year! 😀

Find out more about Kajal here, and join us on Instagram @miguelmatosperfumes, @the_plum_girl, @kajalperfumes for more to follow! Thanks for sharing!


The Plum Girl

Elena Cvjetkovic

Photos: Miguel Matos, The Plum Girl, Kajal Perfumes, Mario Poje



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