Here comes my second #sprayathome #sprayitforward Newsletter No.2: I hope you are all at home and well. Times are complicated but our love for perfumes unites us, so I’ll keep sharing news that small perfume brands have sent me. We’re at war. The enemy is invisible. I truly believe that we should all share our resources with the community, and support each other in times of need. I hope you’ll find something for yourself: if you’re looking for a perfume to make you feel better, help you endure or make you feel glamourous,  make sure to shop online and from niche/indie/artisan brands!

Exaltatum Perfumes / Eglia Vaitkevice

FC125BBA 264A 457D A2B7 9BF50A1DB415Exaltatum is a small, artisan perfume brand. Eglija’s Ruby Wood is my precioussssss (love it so much that I didn’t review it yet, so if you know me, this means it is very special), and most recently I wrote a review of new St. Paul’s for Cafleurebon here.

Hand Sanitizer

Well, from now on, with each order (excluding samples) you’ll get  FREE 50ml hand sanitizer! It is made of ethanol 80%, aloe vera organic gel, organic lavender, organic tea tree, and organic eucalyptus oils! You can order here! 

Sarah Baker Perfumes / Sarah Baker

Sarah Baker Hand SanitizersSarah Baker contacted me to tell me more about this project: more and more big and small perfume brands are making sanitizers. Sarah decided to do something with her limited supply of organic ethanol and a great recipe for making 80% ethanol hand rub, so she decided to make it available to the UK. It’s named Jazz Hands and it’s on her website, here.  And these smell so good since each is combined with one of the SARAH BAKER fragrances!

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“We’re using the WHO-recommended formula which we published, anyone can make it if you have the materials. Ours are each fragranced with the four of our perfumes that worked best. Due to keeping costs low we are not actually able to send these anywhere other than the UK. Check out the link and learn more about this initiative which donates £5 per pack to Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders. Plus we’re working with a local charity to hand out free bottles to those who need it most, the elderly. Please help us to keep this initiative with its included charitable giving alive.” 

Jazz your Hands and donate!

Puredistance Masterperfumes

Puredistance Team

Don’t you just love Puredistance? I do, and you can check out my reviews of Gold, Aenotus, Warszawa, and Sheiduna! Their small team is ticking just fine in the Netherlands, and they have set up a system that allows them to work from home and to keep on producing their wonderful perfumes. Furthermore, they keep up the spirit by continuing to do what they have always done: creating beauty that can influence your mood in a positive way. Puredistance completed last week a new Notebook filled with illustrations and quotes.

Puredistance Notebook

It shall be sent to stores that sell Puredistance, but with an intention to reach even more people you can now see and download the full photo story and PDF on their website, here

0B6E20DF 99E9 4AC6 B78C BCFBC22586B6Just take a look at these lovely illustrations!

Artisan Perfume Brands That I Love

Spring IS here! I’ve already given you my take on chosen perfumes to celebrate spring with – here, but there’s more (there always is!).  This time I want to recommend a fine, small, artisan perfume brand: St. Clair Scents by Diane St. Clair. She’s one of those perfumers whose every, and I mean every perfume I’ve ever smelled made me sigh and touched my soul.

Diane St. Clair

For this time of year, I suggest you try Gardner’s Glove: a finalist in the 2019 Art and Olfaction Awards within the artisan/independent category. Or you can read my reviews of Eve & Pandora, Frost or Casablanca…love them all!

This is all from me for now, hope you’ve enjoyed your read!

I really need to sit down and finish my next perfume review… soon! 

Take care and #sprayathome

The Plum Girl

Elena Cvjetkovic 

Photos: Elena Cvjetkovic, brands featured


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