esxence milano


Esxence 2024 was larger than ever!
The new location (Hall 5), a new grid of stands, an endless maze that seemed much easier to navigate, a new skyrocketing count of steps made daily, and an unbelievable number of perfumes smelled. With so many new perfume brands, festive and soft new fragrance launches, conferences, workshops, events, and extras – and hectolitres of perfume, this is a clear sign that there’s still plenty of space for growth.

Here are my impressions, highlights, and an impressive list of perfumes!

Endless Beauty,  the installation with a deeper meaning caught my eye at the very entrance into MiCO Pavilion 16.  With more than 270 perfume brands exhibiting at Esxence Milan 2022, the offering of fragrances was enormous! Although one person can’t possibly cover all the new perfume launches and brands, here is my choice of fragrances that impressed me the most, plus some insider info you might find interesting!