Esxence 2024 was larger than ever!
The new location (Hall 5), a new grid of stands, an endless maze that seemed much easier to navigate, a new skyrocketing count of steps made daily, and an unbelievable number of perfumes smelled. With so many new perfume brands, festive and soft new fragrance launches, conferences, workshops, events, and extras – and hectolitres of perfume, this is a clear sign that there’s still plenty of space for growth.

Here are my impressions, highlights, and an impressive list of perfumes!

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And yes – I’m still madly in love with perfume!

Important Notice!

Dear friends,  I’m sharing the most recent official press information about the Esxence Milan  Event with you:


The twelfth edition is rescheduled for June 15-18/2022:

The 12th Edition of Esxence – The Art Perfumery Event in Milan is now rescheduled for June this year, to encourage the attendance of visitors, stakeholders and professionals of the industry.

The twelfth edition shall take place at MiCo, Milano Convention Centre.