Miguel Matos Perfumes


April 20, 2021: The Perfumed Plume Awards for Fragrance Journalism has announced finalists in six categories, and The Plum Girl is a 2x finalist in the category PERFUME STORIES IN MAINSTREAM MEDIA – DIGITAL!

The founders, Ms. Lapsansky and Ms. ย Leigh applauded each and every finalist, all the writers that submitted their work, and thanked the judging committee saying that they are still hopeful that the winners shall be celebrated in person this year.

The 2021 finalists were determined by the highest percentage scores received based on the criteria for each category, and here is the complete list!

Jasmine IS the cornerstone of perfumery! A perfectly unisex note, present in an impressive percentage in so many perfumes, for so many years. Itโ€™s always been talked about among perfume lovers: Le Fleur, The Flower is always discussed.

A source of inspiration or a challenge to excel for many a perfumer,ย  used since forever in fragrances in so many different ways.

I have smelled many a different jasmine, in many a fragrance. And then, after a long time and all the finest (or less so) interpretations, I came upon one that made me stop right in my tracks: Fado Jasmim by Miguel Matos Perfumes.

What has jasmine to do with Fado? Everything.