Ljubljana, Laibach, Lubliana/Slovenia: during my recent, brief stay I simply had to walk over The Triple Bridge. It is a must see in Ljubljana, I just love the inner city! Advent decorations added a new dimension to the river Ljubljanica, people filling squares and cobble paved streets: what is different this year (they were proud to explain) is that culinary providers at the Advent fair are using environmentally friendly packaging instead of plastic!


Niche perfumes offer in Ljubljana practically didn’t exist for a quite long time. I guess nearby Austria or Italy covered the demand and some shops shyly introduced limited range of perfumes in the past years. My curious nose took me to Ikona, relatively new shopping destination:

Perfumery is located on the ground floor, exhibiting what Ikona has to offer:

Young lady that greeted me warmly was very helpful, although not quite into perfumes. As I noticed later on, this is not the only department she covered, so it seems that sales personnel is covering all the bases. The rest-and-enjoy corner is neat and comfy:

I didn’t find any novelties: the offer is basic, a very limited safe-play. You will find a selection of Amouage, Carthousia, Juliette Has a Gun (no Into The Void, though), Nasomatto basics and Comme des Garçons range (as photos show). Alas, they had just run out of Nasomatto completely, not a drop left in testers, not a single bottle available. No samples at all, nada, zip, zero. Ok, it was Sunday, just before closing time, maybe they had run out of everything. Maybe. I tried to contact them via mail prior to arrival but nobody bothered to answer.

Carthusia – I Profumi di Capri was nice to see, haven’t seen Carthusia since my visit to Italy. Classic: Numero Uno (for men) was released in 2007. and Via Camerelle (citrus centered, for women) in 2006. Carthusia is said to originate from a bouquet of wildflowers picked by a monk in 1380 on the Island of Capri. The current collection of Carthusia perfume is a revival of these ancient scents, rooted in the history of the island. With every stage carried out by hand, the limited production means being able to use the same methods as the Carthusian monks. A fine choice, without any doubt, but I personally consider these as more “summertime” perfumes.

Did some shopping and I must repeat that all the personnel is very nice&friendly, covering all three floors and different brands. We did receive a goodbye goodie: a bottle of Ikona water:

I really enjoy being in Ljubljana and will write an update next time I visit. I’ll be back! 😀

Update, September 2017: a very good range of niche, getting better and better! Wider choice, more newies, very good SA. When in Ljubljana, this is the place I will return to…

The Plum Girl

Photos: The Plum Girl

There’s a short, little cobblestone paved street in the center of Zagreb, Croatia. At its end, there is a funicular. The shortest cable car route in the world, having only 66 meters in length, connecting Tomiceva Street with Upper Town’s Tower Lotrscak. The latter is a very special place, as it is a home of renowned Zagreb cannon. Every day, precisely at noon, it fires a blank shot which is heard to farthest reaches of the city, signalizing the middle of the day.


There is yet another special place at the foot of this funicular: Niche Perfumery “Top” (The Cannon). Filled with precious fragrances, an oasis for all the curious noses.


As I walk towards it, expectations of olfactory plentitude reminds me of a book: “The Name of the Rose”. As the protagonists of this masterpiece explore a labyrinth in the medieval library, discussing the subversive power of laughter, I feel like entering scriptorium of fragrances, discussing the subversive power of – perfumes.

That novel has the power to change our minds, replace our reality with its own. Many niche perfumes have that effect on me. We live in a new world after we’ve read “The Name of the Rose”. I live in a new world each and every time a certain perfume overpowers me, seduces me, catapults me into olfactory heaven (or hell). Mystery? It is very present, as are the stories these wonderful bottles of perfume contain. The heresy? The power of scents.


This is where my curious nose suffered from a thorough perfume overdose. The owner, a perfume connoisseur, revealed all the splendor of brands they feature. Of course, after sniffing the third perfume I was pretty much on my knees. Nose running, eyes watering, breathing with difficulty: I didn’t stop. The last one I tried was like a cannonball!

When I asked what has he done to me, the owner smiled and replied briskly: “If suffer you must, then isn’t it divine to endure sweet torture of the finest perfumes?” To this place of “torture” I will most certainly – return.

This is what I have found for you:


Nasomatto is a unique, creative, contemporary brand from Holland. Founded by Alessandro Gualtieri, a man who has acquired a renegade reputation within the world of fragrance, Nasomatto refuses to publish ingredient lists. Instead, they describe perfumes by their inspirations. The project is dedicated to people who have a strong interest in a distinguished perfume choice. Alessandro believes that our senses are the primary instruments that generate our instinctive reactions and drive our process of judging and choosing. He is original, just a bit crazy, radical, fun or simply – different. All I can say, expect the unexpected!

All the precious little bottles are neatly arranged here, their line a story of its own: start on the right side with opiates, narcotic dreams of Black Afgano (temporary bliss!), China White, Narcotic (experience the addictive intensity of female sexual power), Hindu Grass. Move on with your nose to Absinth (“aimed to evoke degrees of hysteria”). The apocalypse continues with Duro (scent of inner thighs of a strong and wild male) and when you’ve sinned say – Pardon. Or use Blamage first and then say Pardon…or just ignore everything and be your own superhero with Silver Musk (the result of a quest for mercurial liquid love sensation). Or love them all, each one is so precious, my precioussssss (by now I turn into Gollum, happy in his cave).

What got me on my knees after sniffing all of these is the newest one, kind of magical.


The name means “chaos” or “uproar” in Italian. Nasomotto describes it as “an unwise and unfortunate creation caused by bad judgment”. Baraonda is really strange. Strange as good strange…peculiarly addictive strange, very sexy kind of strange. It really evokes the powerful and mighty whisper of an olfactory stirring, that’s for sure! Beware! Nasomatto uses only extraits of perfume, a light dab does the hard day’s work.

The final cannon shot? Brilliant Frederic Malle piece did it to me again: I couldn’t resist the temptation of The Night by Dominique Ropion. I finished my visit with a scent of Lipizzan horses stable, Turkish rose, amber and oud, maximum oud there is…and it lasted forever, now engraved in my olfactory memory.

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The Plum Girl
Photos: The Plum Girl, Nasomatto