In the everyday French language, “Tous au parfum” means “Being in the know“. In ancient Greece, “Aller au parfum” meant getting together, talking, discussing, and sharing.

The first international meeting of perfume professionalsTous au parfum!, organized by the International Perfume Foundation Paris, is planned to take place on  Friday, 01.07.2022 in Paris.

This is my story about Le Jardin Retrouvé.
I haven’t written here in a while. It’s not that I haven’t used my nose, that is simply inevitable.
I was discouraged.
Weak in front of all the wonderful creations that I dipped my nose into.
Yes, I thought at that time that my knowledge is frail, that I scratched only just below the surface, tiny drops in a vast ocean of perfumes, with so many new perfumes airing every single day.
How can I possibly grasp them all? The quantity led me to pull away, shy away, retreat to my safe zone of familiar scents. I didn’t write for some time, I was happily enjoying my collection, wearing perfume, and not even looking at any of the new releases.
And then, a kind of a wake-up call happened. I was so happy to sample Le Jardin Retrouve perfumes, and I enjoyed them!