pitti Fragranze 2021


For the 21st time, Pitti Fragranze 2023 showcases a selection of small, niche, and artisan perfume brands at Stazione Leopolda in Florence. Many new brands were exhibiting, some just a couple of months active, and the season of new launches rolled out in full bloom under the blue Tuscan sky. Pitti always gives you enough time and space to explore brands and perfumes with ease. And Florence…Florence is always The Most Beautiful!

A chemist, an artist, a Master perfumer: Ralf Schwieger.  Blending finely contrasts of precise and measurable -chemistry, and somewhat messy and unpredictable – art, expressing himself in a unique, his way, making perfumes with a personality.

An Original. Chiseling raw materials into perfumes that are works of art, with precision and grace: the sculptor of scents.