New York, NY April 11, 2019.: Fragrance writers, journalists, fragrance entrepreneurs, and influencers gathered to find out the Winners of the 2019 Perfumed Plume Awards. While they were gathering in New York, sipping champagne, I was at home sound asleep. Time difference… But what a difference the morning after made!

Maria McElroy of Aroma M Perfumes, a finalist herself, kindly agreed to represent me at the Awards Ceremony.

When I woke up at 6 AM the next morning, there was one unread message blinking: “You won!

“The Perfumed Plume Awards™ celebrated the 2019 winners at the 4th celebration attended by a lively guest-list of writers, journalists, entrepreneurs, influencers, and industry notables from the world of fragrance, media, art and design:

Perfumed Plume Winners Awards

The fun and festive party took place at the Society of Illustrators, a New York gem, where the prolific skills of each winner in creative fragrance journalism were recognized and greeted with warm applause and congratulations by all who attended. Both Lyn Leigh and Mary Ellen Lapsansky agree that it is a highlight of the year and a great joy to honor such gifted writers, all of whom elevate the art and craft of fragrance through their perfume stories. Winners were each presented with a signature Tiffany pen.”

My TIffany pen

I’m so honored and humbled! Thank you! Here’s more about the Awards:

“PERFUMED PLUME AWARDS™ FOR JOURNALISM: “is an independent recognition of creative storytelling that engages and educates the consumer on the art and craft of fragrance. It celebrates stories that give the reader an inside view of the cultural, historical and personal approaches to fragrance design and what it takes to create an evocative scent.

Stories that illuminate why some fragrances can instantly evoke memories of a person, time or place. The Perfumed Plume Awards™ specifically targets the many talented writers and visualists who bring to life the craft, the inspiration, the emotion and the sensory journey that are at the heart of fragrance creation, quickly becoming an annual, iconic symbol of media excellence that will positively impact the fragrance category.

The Awards provide a new way to create a broader awareness & appreciation for fragrance through high quality, informative, enlightening and of course entertaining storytelling.”

I’m also grateful to Filippo Sorcinelli Brand for providing me with a sample of but-not_today perfume, at Pitti Fragranze in Florence, which inspired me to write a very heartfelt review and an Instagram short story.

Filippo Sorcinelli but_not_today

Here’s the complete list of winners:
Perfume Stories in Mainstream Media – Print – Magazines, Newspapers
“Chemical Romance” – New Beauty — by April Long

Perfume Stories in Mainstream Media – Digital – Magazines, Newspapers, Blog Postings, Webzines
— A Tie! —

“How Britney Spears Built a Billion Dollar Business Without Selling a Single Record”
InStyle — by Rachel Syme
“Fragrances of Film Noir: Scenting Five Femmes Fatales” CaFleureBon — by Despina Veneti, Sr. Contributor

New Category: ‘Short ‘n Sweet’ Perfume Stories – Print & Digital
“Blind Faith” New Beauty — by Brittany Burhop Fallon

Visualization of Perfume Stories — Print & Digital
“Travels in France, Part One: Everything Is Lavender” The Fragrant Journey — by Cynthia Lesiuk

New Category: INSTApost — Perfume Stories on Instagram
The Plum Girl — by Elena Cvjetkovic

Fragrance Book Award
“Spritzing to Success — With the Woman who Brought an Industry to Its Senses”— by Annette Green

Perfumed Plume Tiffany Pen

“The awards were established in 2015 by Mary Ellen Lapsansky and Lyn Leigh, both experienced fragrance and cosmetic executives, to honor and recognize fragrance stories and the many talented writers and visualists who give the reader an inside view of the cultural, historical, scientific and personal approaches to fragrance design and what it takes to create an evocative scent.”

Congrats to all the winners, finalists, and organizers!

Thank you for reading and following me here and on Instagram! :-*

The Plum Girl
Elena Cvjetkovic

Photos: Perfumed Plume Awards/The Plum Girl
Awards information: Perfumed Plume Awards

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