While you don’t have to make the obligatory rotation at all, these fragrances might give you a good reason to try something new this Summer!

Anastazija Zora Bjelousov, EIC of the well-known Croatian portal Femina.hr, an established beauty editor and perfume reviewer, gathered 4 leading Croatian fragrance critics, bloggers, and influencers – all with different tastes and views, to list their TOP Summer Fragrances For Women.

You can find my recommendations published in this article, if you’re not fluent in Croatian, feel free to use the Google page translate thing-y.

The list is here, enjoy your read – now all we need is Summer! (and preferably much, much nicer weather and warmer days)

This list features floral scents, salty aquatics, juicy and fruity Summer delights, citruses of all kinds, creamy coconut-infused perfume, classics and novelties, a really wide variety of perfumes you can choose from. 

Some are commercial, some designers: I chose niche/indie/artisan fragrances, and tried to offer SOTD’s and SOTN’s that you’ll actually want to wear all year long.

These will elevate your mood, cool you off, and transport your senses elsewhere – even if you’re not on a vacation!
Top summer fragrances 2021


To find out why and check out the complete Top Summer Fragrances 2021 list written by Zora Bjelousov IG zora_bjelousov – Jasmina Kovac IG just_jasmin12 – Nikol Ludas IG nikol_fragrance, and me – head on over to Femina.hr!

The Plum Girl

Elena Cvjetkovic

Photo: Femina.hr



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