In the everyday French language, “Tous au parfum” means “Being in the know“. In ancient Greece, “Aller au parfum” meant getting together, talking, discussing, and sharing.

The first international meeting of perfume professionalsTous au parfum!, organized by the International Perfume Foundation Paris, is planned to take place on  Friday, 01.07.2022 in Paris.

The event will feature debates, workshops, exhibition stands & corners, networking lunch and cocktails, a secret visit to Paris, and entertainment: 100 experts, perfumers, designers, brands, distributors, producers of raw materials, manufacturers of packaging, retail, trainers, teachers, and publicists shall come together at 4, Place St. Germain -des-Pres to discuss and define orientations of perfume and perfume products profession, in response to challenges of the changing world.

Hotel at St.Germain-des-Pres

Tous au Parfum! shall take place in Hotel de l’Industrie / Paris, located opposite to the Abbey of St. Germain-des-Pres. Since 1852 it has belonged to the Society of Encouragement for the National Industry – an organization founded in 1801 by three consuls: Bonaparte, Cambaceres, and Lebrun. It aims to stimulate industrial development, promote technological innovation, and encourage all forms of business.

2022 PROGRAM – Friday, 01.07.2022.

EXHIBITION – Salle Chaptel
Packaging Innovation
New Raw Materials
New Luxury Awards Nominates

CONFERENCES AND DEBATES  – Salle Louis Lumière et Montgolfier
8.30 am –   Opening and welcome coffee
9.00 am –   Welcome speeches and homages
9.30 am –   What is the Impact of perfumes and packaging on the environment?
Which solutions can we propose?
10.15 am – Are post-COVID supply disruptions affecting the industry?
If yes, are we ready for relocalization?
11.00 am – Post-COVID is increasing demand for natural, bio, organic. Can natural and synthetic co-exist?
What is the perfumer place today?
The issue of the EU Cosmetic Directive and reach restricting the use of essential oils in Europe
(ex: SOS Lavender)
12.00 am  Oud, an important heritage to protect


CONFERENCES – Salle des Trois Consuls
New Producer Countries and Impact Investment
3.00 pm   Flowers and plants: Algeria
3:40 pm   Oud: Cambodia

WORKSHOPS – Bibliothèque Lasteyrie
3.00 pm – For designers only: The creation of a budget
3.40 pm – New extraction methods and new scents for perfumer organ
New producer countries

DEBATE – Salle des Trois Consuls
4.20 pm – Selective distribution, perfume web-marketing, and big data

One evening for networking and socializing during cocktail and a gala dinner and the 3rd edition of the New Luxury Awards. 
Day’s achievements and important announcements

8.30 pm – GALA DINNER
With LA Laura Paris (street artist, songwriter, singer, award-winner film director, and IPF Youth Ambassador), Kippy Marks (musician and entertainer), Catherine Manandaza (opera singer), and many other artists and VIPS.

You can find the registration form here. Participation on registration, file on request.

New Luxury Awards Logo
You can find everything about New Luxury Awards for sustainable perfumes and packaging here.

All perfume submissions are to  respect the standards of the International Perfume Foundation for Certification:
-Formulating perfumes from 100% natural materials, using quality biodynamic and botanical ingredients that do not include GMO Plants and that have been sustainably and ethically sourced.
-Refraining to use animal musks, animal testing (by perfumers or their suppliers), synthetic compounds, parabens, phthalates (carcinogens and endocrine disruptors), isolates, phenoxyethanol, glycols, ethoxylated compounds.
-Creating a perfume with a soul and a story to tell.

As for packaging, the following rules apply:

Packaging should be collectible, refillable, reusable, or recyclable.
– Creating Packaging that no one wants to throw away: collectible perfume bottles.
– Creating Packaging with a soul and a story to tell.
– Avoiding using plastics or non-recyclable material.
– Avoiding mixing materials if they cannot be easily separated for recycling.
– Ergonomics / Functionality (the package should be easy to store, hold, open and close)
– Using non-toxic ink for printing.
– Presenting innovations launched during the year 2021
– Product protection:  the package protecting the product throughout the logistics chain has also to be sustainable (use of renewable and biodegradable materials, material efficiency, material savings, recyclability, reusability).

International Perfume Foundation is also hosting a gala dinner, to the benefit of Murano Glass Makers, and endangered perfume heritage.

Murano glass art
Art Work by Muriel Balensi

​Muriel Balensi, a French glassmaker in Murano,  will be in Paris for Tous au Parfum, bringing along a magnificent exhibition of art glass creations in the provenance of the best Murano Artists. These pieces will be sold in auction during the gala dinner to support Murano’s glassmakers. The benefit of Tous au Parfum will be entirely given to the Murano glassmakers!

The island of Murano, this precious perfume heritage will sink and these famous glassmakers will disappear if we don’t act now.
Methane costs are going from a normal bill of around 11,000 euros to 13,000 euros a month to 60,000 euros in October.
Surging methane prices in Italy are putting glassblowing businesses in the line of fire for financial losses, the Associated Press reported.

The price for the methane that powers the glassblowing ovens has skyrocketed five-fold on the global market. The glassblowers of Murano, who have dozens of furnaces on the lagoon island, must use methane to burn around the clock or the costly crucible inside the ovens will break.

Murano glassblowers decades ago transitioned from wood ovens, which created uneven results, to methane, which burns at temperatures high enough to create the delicate crystal clarity that makes their creations so highly prized.

And it is the only gas that the glassblowers are permitted to use, by law. They are caught in a global commodities Catch-22.”

Olfactive Gala Dinner, organized by Creezy Courtoy and Rachel Binder (perfumer and sommelier) will include performances by singers, musicians, and entertainers!

Tous Au Parfum New Date July 1st 2022


I look forward to Tous au Parfum, and if you’re in Paris  during the event – I hope to see you there! I will report from this event and inform you about all discussions, events, and prize winners.

Tous au Parfum!

The Plum Girl

Elena Cvjetkovic

Photos: International Perfume Foundation Paris


Disclaimer: I’ve been invited as a speaker on Tous au Parfum! conference, and organizers are covering my travel&hotel accommodation costs.









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