I had my first close encounter with UERMI years ago, the concept of olfactory feeling and presentation of different fabrics seemed perfectly understandable to me. Are you familiar with the scent of your favorite pair of jeans?  Or a silk blouse? XX Latex is the one that attracted me first: a salty, vynil-musky soft scent cocoon I like to wrap myself into.  Doesn’t really each fabric your clothes are made of – smell differently?

UERMI means “wear me” and their fragrance is created by famous perfumers. NU Leather whispers WEAR ME!

NU LEATHER / by Master Perfumer Luca Maffei of Atelier Fragranze Milano 2019

Luca does it again: what a Dolce Vita leather, on my skin boozy spicy suede – a gourmand garment…It glides from bitter to sweet…spicy to woody, at moments fruity too, in utter opulence – dat a “leather”! Italian leather, to be precise. With different granulations, thickness, and warmth, ranging from rough and grainy to very smooth and elegant, making NU Leather so easy to wear.


NU Leather UERMI perfume bottle

OR +-Damask (for women)  /  Maurice Roucel 2018

When you’re feeling imperial, reach for Damask! Fit for a queen, I’d say. Not a princess: a queen!

My first associations: Damask, the Silk Road, heavy silk, roses, luxury, 14th century Italy, gracefulness, opulence.  Quite royal.

My skin seems to be a great playground for it today: A Rose it is, but carefully woven with petals glowing like silk, a rose-covered with morning dew. On the first sniff of a fresh rose, then you notice that it is clad in all the Spring colors and growing in the shade of magnolia trees in full bloom.

This gives this rose a matte side, like the pattern on the damask fabric. Later on, the thick creaminess of magnolia is dispersed with a touch of berry-like fruity sharpness, only to settle down and reveal a rich undertone of very tender, feminine-leaning patchouli.

And what’s your favorite UERMI?

The Plum Girl

Elena Cvjetkovic


Samples of NU Leather and OR Damask were provided by UERMI, opinions are – as always- of my own.

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