Connectivity and accessibility of the world we live in make it easier to experience small indie, artisan or botanical perfume houses from all over the world! What I’ve always found enjoyable is this instant fragrant travel across the globe, learning about people behind those fragrances, different lands, and cultures. New indie and artisan perfume brands are sprouting all over: not all creations can be considered perfumes, but searching for interesting, creative ones is a challenge!

Malaysia is not an exception – you might’ve observed some passionate perfumers coming from this region lately. Perhaps you’ve heard about Penang-born Josh Lee Chun Yee (Josh Lee, launched in 2012) for example, a small niche company inspired by Malaysian Pernakan culture, driven by preserving heritage by scent yet not running away from the aura of modern Malaysia.

Now I would like to introduce you to Malay Perfumery, an artisan fragrance brand aiming to revoke the heritage of ethnic Malays – an ancient population existing for 40.000 years in this archipelago, colonized first by Portuguese 500 years ago, now split by different national borders.

Fazzilah Noordin, owner of the brand and perfumer is descended from the Proto-Malays (Jakun) on her matrilineal side, and from her patrilineal line, she is connected to Acheh and Goa, centers of Islamic studies during the classical Malay civilization period.

I’m writing about this because elements of her family origin define her stories, the presentation of perfumes, and the logo of the brand: you will notice a typical horned roof incorporated in it.

Colors are telling a story as well: bronze gold denotes the royal heritage of fragrances in the Malay archipelago, black is the color of Malay warriors, and white represents purity, birth, and death.

All fragrances come in Songket Tenun Pahang (silk) boxes: custom-made, so they fit the bottle exactly.

The fabrics and boxes are made by local artists.

Fazzilah insists on incorporating natural ingredients in her creations, that are grown, ethically and sustainably sourced from existing plantations, such as Kaffir Lime:

Malay Perfumery launched five fragrances in 2018 and four new ones in 2019, all Eau de Parfum.

Let’s take a closer sniff of these three fragrant stories:

Fleur de Rampai

“Based on the banga-rampai (floral potpourri) tradition. Ubiquitous in Malay weddings, the bunga rampai is often a scent of happiness, family, and togetherness.”

It seems simple: just pandan, jasmine, and patchouli are listed, but on my skin, this smooth, gentle fragrance opens with dense tones of pandan of almost edible, thick gourmand quality.

Like a dish of food, hot steamed rice breathing softly under my nose. I suddenly remembered!

This smells very similar to Nasi Lemak, a Malaysian dish featuring rice cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf!

Quite different, this pandan – jasmine duo is bright and thick at the same time, with a very unusual facet of jasmine, present but never indolic, gourmand but not heavy, appealing but not erotic. Musky jasmine…I must admit that all through its wearing I was amazed by how different pandan made everything feel, and how patchouli dances between creamy-sweet and bitter-smokey vibes.

I was wearing this perfume for a couple of extremely hot days, with temperatures well over 30C, and it performed subtle, close to the skin, with above-average longevity.

Notes: Screw-pine, jasmine, patchouli


“Inspired by conspiratorial events leading to the unjust death sentence of Mahsuri, the legend of Langkawi. It symbolizes her purity and virtue.”

Mahsuri opens with a whirl of citruses infused with camphor: unusual, bitter-dry, almost mystical, like the muffled sound of a gong hidden somewhere in a palace, behind many curtains.

Slowly and inevitably jasmine finds its path, adding some sweetness. Now, this is a fine example of Jasmine Sambac note, the sort of a component that is less indolic and tends to show off almost orange-blossom and tuberose like character, with soft greenish undertones, like Chinese tea.

Much later, when I’ve enjoyed this serene Jasmine, I felt darker tones rising. And oh! This civet! Soft and furry, but it does show a tooth or two, rolling in a somber accord of incense smelling sandalwood. This is a more complex composition, very unisex and long-lasting!

My favorite!

You can find the complete tragic story about Mahsuri here.

Notes: Citrus, camphor, Jasmin sambac, civet, benzoin, sandalwood.


“Inspired by the strength and integrity of a Malay warrior, Dato Bahaman’s fight in Tanah Melayu against the colonial British in 1892”

Described as aromatic woody floriental, Bahaman leans more on the fruity-Oriental side on my skin.

Again, I wore it during a very sizzling time of the year…What an extraordinary opening! Bitter-sweet ripe lime with honey reflections drenched with golden pineapple juice and coconut dust sprinkled all over my skin!

I’m not exactly a great fan of coconut, to be honest, but in this blend, it gives freshness to this fruit blend, and I found coconut interesting and acceptable in such an environment.

It gets a bit darker and smokier in the drydown, still remaining somehow transparent, creamy and dreamy, almost woody.

Again, very linear, well-composed, using obviously fine raw materials, with medium longevity and soft sillage.

I could wear it all year round, although it does seem to lean a bit more on the masculine side.

Read more about Dato Bahaman here.

Notes: Kaffir lime, pineapple, coconut, sandalwood, smoke, benzoin.

Available online at Malay Perfumery website, 108.74 USD for 30 ml Eau de Parfum bottles or 11.25 USD for a 2ml sample. 90% “naturals”, unmistakably.

Stay cool and don’t forget to wear sunscreen…btw I find perfume oils and attars to function great in temperatures so high as nowadays!

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Elena Cvjetkovic

The Plum Girl

Photos: The Plum Girl, Malay Perfumery

Samples were graciously provided by Malay Perfumery, opinions of my own.


Days turning into months have quickly passed since EsxenceThe Scent of Excellence closed its doors, but here I go again: a flashback, bringing you more behind-the-screen stories about people of perfumes, events, and extras, all that jazz that took place outside The Mall!

I could probably write more about different aspects of this exhibition, but let’s just say that I’ll wrap up all my hard work with this one – the last of my 2019 Esxence reports: if you haven’t yet, do take a look at Part I and Part II!

These additional activities are an important part of the Esxence-experience: meetings with makers/perfumers, brand owners, and managers – not exhibiting but visiting, attending private parties, cocktails, events or informal dinners, secret previews…or just whispering about new releases that are soon to be revealed. Yap, there’s life outside The Mall:

As you might have noticed on my IG account (the_plum_girl), this year I wrote about “beautiful noses” of Esxence. Noses? Yes, this is one of the rare places and events where all noses are – beautiful! Fully in use, too! It feels so good to be among people that value their sense of smell very much, to run with “your” pack and (ab)use your nose to maximum! The interesting part is that no one I asked objected to having their profile “nose” photo taken! The wonderful people of Esxence are so proud of their noses!

This lovely nose belongs to Tanja Bochnig, owner of April Aromatics whose newest fragrance – Irisistible is an Art&Olfaction Awards, 2019 Finalist!

Let’s take a quick sniff:

Irrisistible (love that play with words, too) is an ode to Iris-the goddess of Dawn and Rainbow, connecting heavens and Earth. It feels like you’ve been gently touched by this messenger of gods with pink fingertips: a flash of vibrant yet milky opening with morning dew made of citruses. Different facets of Iris (the flower) follow. It becomes rooty, flowery and smooth at the same time, at moments even slightly bitter. This buttery flow turns velvety, thick, at times powdery, with floral whiffs. Later on, its inner, musky-smooth warm glow of rainbow spectrum colors begins to shine from within, glowing softly. Keep in mind that this is a “natural”, it settles close to the skin and shifts with your body movement, so give it time and patience.

We ran into Mark Buxton outside and chatted a bit catching some sunshine. It was fun just to say “Genau” a couple of times:

Meeting and having a chance to spend some time with Tanja is a bonus: she also pulled me out from The Mall, made me sit and eat something, drink water (I felt like a camel after a long day in desert), and talk about things other then perfumes: all the stuff I tend to forget to do while roaming around all those stands…Tanja is a tall long-legged blonde, self-taught, self-financed, working with “naturals”, Berlin-based and if this isn’t enough to raise a couple of eyebrows – she laughs and dances like nobody is watching!

Nick Stewart of Gallivant Perfumes was visiting Esxence as well, gallivanting around:

He told me that a new Gallivant fragrance shall be launched soon, and yes, it’s all about yet another city. I’m really not allowed to tell you which one -because it was confidential! All that I may say is that I lived in that city for a couple of years (and know it well) so we talked about which specific part of this city the new fragrance feels like. I think we both agreed upon one certain area, marked by a very famous street! Keep an eye on Gallivant, and check out my review of previous releases here.

I also managed to visit the hotel located near The Mall, where some brands shared Carbonnel showroom. I had a meeting scheduled there, with the owner of this nose:

Yes, this is Victor Wong of Zoologist Perfumes! We finally met, and he kindly and patiently walked me through his ZOO, introducing me to and allowing me to take a better sniff of all the fragrances that were new to me. You see, I had a parcel coming from Canada earlier this year, the Canadian post was at strike, it got delayed, then when it finally reached Croatia it was never delivered to me, so after a couple of months, it just arrived safely back to Canada…Argh. I sniffed everything and sniffed hungrily again, and got to meet all the creatures in his collection at last:

I guess you’ll be reading some of my Zoologist Perfumes reviews soon enough! That’s not all: Victor let me sniff one of his new, not yet released fragrances, and told me how he plans to proceed with it. I think he won’t mind this association:

Well, I’m not allowed to tell you how it’s going to be named, but you can start guessing which creature this new perfume is dedicated to. Some new fragrances are coming up, some “old” ones face “Perfume Heaven”: by the time I’ve decided to publish this post, Bat is about to be discontinued! If you are a Batman or Batwoman – go and get your bottle while you can…or wait for the new Bat, coming from a different cave!

I also ran again into Miguel Matos in Carbonell Showroom, exhibiting four new signature fragrances:

Here you can see Miracle of Roses, Germaine, Silver Stone, and Sailor Stories. Miguel was quite busy this Esxence: in addition to having his own line presented, together with Veneno, he was also all over the place as perfumer behind Nishane’s Unutamam, as well as Sarah Baker’s Jungle Jezabel (I wrote about it here), and Rules of Attraction!

On the blotter-sniffing-first-impressions spree I found the Miracle of Roses and Sailor Stories (aquatic with a twist) quite interesting, but I honestly need to go back to these perfumes and give them some proper wearing. Since this is my “year of roses” I do want to get to know this unusual, smooth, fresh bread with cinnamon and roses better…no rush: I’ll get to it, sooner or later: the inspirational story behind it is intriguing, and it fits the concept well.

It doesn’t stop here, around the exhibition hall. Just when you finish 10AM-6PM crawl-around-The Mall and its surroundings, you have like an hour and a half to make it to some carefully chosen and glamorous place: party time!

One event that you shouldn’t miss during Esxence: the Masque Milano Corso Como Party. Why? Well, because Masque IS Milano based, this is their home turf, and they do cover it with style.

Masque Milano launched two new perfumes at Esxence 2019: Love Kills and Kintsugi:

I tried to arrange a meeting at Masque Milano stand with Alessandro Brun and/or Ricardo Tedeschi on that same day, but didn’t succeed: maybe they were too busy handling all the previously arranged meetings, maybe I wasn’t pushy enough (never!), or my timing was just bad, whatever. Tip for all the brands located in the “Main Brands” part of the exhibition: it’s better to have your meetings booked in advance…note to myself, again. Next year I’ll fail better, I promise.

Anyway, since I didn’t have time to lose on waiting and hanging around: I stopped by and was greeted by a very nice young man, representing their distributor, who briefed me quickly about these two new releases. Sadly, I got no chance to take a sniff at that famous raw materials cofrett…I did manage to try out both new releases:

Love Kills…of course, the first one I reached for. And a good thing I did, because the other way around wouldn’t be a good idea. On the first impression basis, I wasn’t impressed. A rose it is, and I always have high expectations of a rose perfume: it was a young, bright, just budding rose…Oh, was I wrong!

Since I impatiently jumped and moved around the stand, this might’ve helped it warm up on my skin and it transformed, moving through phases from a fresh bud to a magnificent flower in full bloom, and even in this very brief moment, I watched it wither, darken and fade, becoming more goth, never letting you forget that it was a fresh, young rose once upon a time, even in moments of its dark and potent decay. Additionally, I really fell in love with the drawing on the bottle, almost tattoo-like contoured rose with a dagger going straight through it. Yes, to this rose I shall return! (perfume related tattoo? Now I’m thinking about that…hmmmm)

Time was running out, we had to leave the fair and go to the party, so what did I do next? Sprayed abundantly Kintsugi from the tester bottle all over any perfume-free skin left on me at the end of this very busy day: well, if I was going to their cocktail party, the least I could do is to dress appropriately and wear Kintsugi!

My friends did the same. This turned out to be very interesting because Kintsugi developed differently on our skin (we kept sniffing each other the whole evening: on Lukasz (aka Chemist In The Bottle) Magnolia seemed dominant, on Ana (aka Ana Y El Perfume) it was almost lemony-green, and on my skin patchouli dominant, the kind of soft, sweet, lovely, silky skin patchouli I’m happy to run into.

It was interesting to follow its development in time over quite a few Aperol Spritzes! Bonus: chatting and spending some time with Ermano Pico, perfume connoisseur, writer and evaluator whom I admire (love his smile), here with Ricardo:

Nishane Party was something we were all waiting for: No Limits!

Mert Guzel and Murat Katran were presenting six new creations made by Cecile Zarokian – ANI, Chris Maurice – NEFS, MUSKANE and FLORANE, Miguel Matos – UNUTAMAM and Jorge Lee – SAFRAN COLOGNISE!

This private party took place in a wonderful palazzo, perfumes were displayed, people gathered and chatted, but what impressed me the most was the moment when we all stood in silence, listening to a touching folk song Sari Gelin/Sari Gyalin (in Armenian) that took us to a place where ANI (memory in Turkish) is something that connects people…music, like perfumes – connects people!

I really look forward to exploring these perfumes thoroughly, this is just my first-sniff draft of Florane I wrote for Murat’s birthday, just recently:

Florane smells like pulpy bitter-fresh grapefruit, ripe cassis carelessly cut and served with vanilla spiced brown sugar cubes on a festive table decorated with dainty Lily-of-the-Valley and jasmine flowers floating above trails of soft hinoki and musks. It feels like spending a sunny Summer’s day afternoon in a beautifully kept green and lush garden with a simple wooden table and chairs set in the shade of a big tree – filled with scattered, randomly picked flowers in small glass vases, bowls of fresh fruit cut into cubes, cold creamy-powdery fluffy cakes, laughter and sharing with friends and family you love and joy of living!

Filippo Sorcinelli Brand

Epicentro Promotion Event

I love Filippo, you already know that. Last year it was but_not_today, this year he shook me up with Epicentro, a new perfume starting a new collection: Delire de Voyage.

You see, I remember. I remember terrible news coming from a small town of Bolognola, devastated by an earthquake hitting the Marche Region…leaving destruction as its aftermath, breaking buildings and hearts of the people.

What you might notice is this quite original bottle, round glass with the usual oversized cap looking like a piece of metallic silver rock. Details matter, so this bottle is placed in a black box and it moves and sways inside it. Furthermore, I noticed Filippo wearing a pendant, a part of this silver rock which you can detach and wear as a piece of art.

Notes are not disclosed, as usual, and I approve of this approach: wear it. Feel it. Listen to it. Interpret it in your own words and emotions…once you find them.

This time Filippo took us to the STRAF Hotel near Duomo, presenting a synesthetic installation to help us grasp all the aspects of this fragrance:

While I was looking, smelling and feeling, Filippo came to me and asked: What does it smell like to you? I was already very emotional: I know the smell of fear and destruction. I know it well.

I just said: “Epicentro smells metallic like cold sweat and human fear.” At first.

Bitter and sharp like a shock that takes the ground from under your feet in just a couple of seconds. Smokey, like the rubble of your home destroyed, covering all the material things you ever owned, ancient buildings that you took for granted, the life that you once had. With a touch of incense, radiating from the church in the middle of the village which no longer exists. Warm and sweet like relief that you and your dearest ones are alive. Quiet and skin-close musky like when you accept all your loses and fight to find traces of hope in your soul again and take one step at a time through all stages of loss and acceptance before you are even capable to start thinking about new beginnings. There’s a certain brightness in all this: a spark of new life…Thanks, Filippo: once again you made my eyes swell with tears and my heart race faster! A full review is coming up!

That same evening we headed off to Duomo and had dinner at this rooftop restaurant overlooking it:

You’d think we had enough. No. Together with Chemist in the Bottle I went to La Rinascente Perfumery to check out their niche department.

And voila! Take a look at perfumes they offer, some exclusive ones only to be found in Milan:

No, it’s never enough!

I’m happy. I’ve found perfumes to write about in months to come. By closing up this Milan chapter, I already look forward to the new one: my registration for Pitti in September is submitted, and a nice and cozy apartment in Florence booked well in advance. Florence, oh, Florence is always a good idea!

The Plum Girl

Elena Cvjetkovic

Photos: The Plum Girl, Esxence Official


It has been raining every single day these last couple of weeks, and to me it felt almost like being in Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Macondo (“It rained for four years, eleven months, and two days…“)…

I pulled out the sample of St.Clair Scents Casablanca (2018), wanting to be transported to “a garden in paradise”! I remembered what Diane said about it:

“I tried to conjure a way to transport myself to a place far away, a place with warm air and perfumed flowers and fruit—a garden in paradise with odors of mossy dirt, smooth woods with light green notes, and darker woods, sweating their rich, balsamic resins. In the evening, my garden would be bursting with intensely sweet orange blossoms, wafting their sultry notes of indole into the night air.

I also wanted to give this fragrance a second chance. On my first testing and wearing, many months ago – we didn’t click. It wore me, turning heavily indolic. It was wintertime then, and I decided to let it wait for warmer weather, change of mood, “better skin” day, any subtle shift of different variables in this strange fragrance-experience equation that might make a difference.

My first love from Diane St. Clair collection was Frost, followed by Gardner’s Glove – the Art&Olfaction Awards 2019 Artisan finalist! You can find my review of both these extraordinary fragrances here, as well as more information about this small, Vermont based indie brand.

It seems that 90% humidity, 18C outer temperature, 1011hPa in the air, and nightfall combined with my “Summertime sadness” mood made Casablanca turn into an amazing glowing-in-dark beauty! What a difference a season made!

Casablanca! Not like the city (I remember roaming around Casablanca, Morocco so well!), not like the famous movie, although it possesses a certain classic, almost retro-vibe: I see it as a timeless dream, sultry and narcotic, with a touch of bitter-sweet “saudade” – a soul-deep longing. Of things that were, could have been, never happened or just exist in dreams. Saudade, sevdah, a song…Emina.

Summertime Sadness: I dream about sunny and warm days while wrapped in a big blanket, wearing warm socks and drinking hot Rosehip tea, feeling cold on a windy, cloudy and rainy day in late May, choosing Casablanca as my scent of the night.

As I entered this garden of Eden, I realized this isn’t the ideal, carefree, and child-like-innocent place (with ideal temperate climate) you frolic around naked and blissful – no, not at all. It seems so, in the beginning, when you inhale the intense smell of orange trees in full bloom, rich, fruity, natural, and bitter-sweet.

As you move on, it feels more like Eden after the first bite of the forbidden fruit: narcotic and sensual. Like you are sinking slowly, deliberately in a huge pile of the fatal-flowers trio: orange blossoms, jasmine, and tuberose, completely naked and aware of your carnal nature.

Temptations…temptations sprout from layers of dark, moist earth. with scattered pieces of spicy-woody patchouli tones, your nose picks up whiffs of dry, smoked leather, showing a more masculine side to it.

Tuberose generates a feeling like velvety dark curtains are closing in, shining deep mossy green, providing an almost palpable Chypre base, and yet every now and then a spark of bright orange blossom shines through!

So much is going on here, this fragrance smoothly glides from bitterness to sweet fruitiness, spicy-oriental accords to deep green Chypre vibrations, it shifts shapes with deliberately created ease – in which a lot of work has been put in – meticulously.

Casablanca is indeed an exquisitely done fragrance, playing with notes in such a way that you sense them, but it is the overall composition that leaves you enchanted, wondering what really happened there.

Its longevity is strong (it woke me up the next morning), but it is not loud and crude: sillage is soft but noticeable, it follows your movement.

What an extraordinary fragrant adventure… I’m happy I re-discovered Casablanca: this is indeed a very memorable creation!

Suggestion: don’t stick your nose into Casablanca’s 50% perfume extrait (!!!) on your wrists, like I did the first time. That was a silly mistake I made out of curiosity. Casablanca is a mostly natural perfume: let it be, breathe, shift and develop as you move around, give it space and your skin so it can work its magic! It lasts for days on fabric.

Top Notes Pink grapefruit, Red mandarin, Blackcurrant bud
Heart Notes Orange blossom, Tuberose, Jasmine, Ylang-ylang
Base Notes Labdanum, Oakmoss, Vetiver, Hyraceum absolute, Civet, Musk

Available online at St.Clair Scents, 30 ml perfume extrait/190 USD, or 2ml sample sprays/15 USD.

The Plum Girl

Elena Cvjetkovic

Photos: The Plum Girl, St.Clair Scents, Saatchi Art “In the Garden of Eden,” by Marina Podgaevskaya, Mauritshues Museum – Rubens and Jan Brueghel. (Casablanca made me think about Jan Brueghel Elder a lot…that refined play with darkness and light…yes!)

The sample was graciously provided by Diane St.Clair, opinions of my own.


There were moments at Esxence when I felt like a gladiator in an arena, roaming around crowded floors of The Mall, armed with love and determination, in search of perfumes that might disarm me with their artistic creativity and originality, touch me soul-deep tapping into something unconscious, spiritual, profound, and cause waves of emotions…well, some certainly did.

Ave perfumes! Mission accomplished!

Strength and honor!

Did I mention 6000m2 of exhibition space? 221+ brands? You can find Facts&Figures&Learning Opportunities in my previous report, Part I, here.

Let’s talk about perfume. First impressions? Trends?

If I have to give a general overview, I would say: mostly “nice” frags, mass-appealing, easy-going, with elaborate marketing sugar-coating and all that jazz.

A few obvious “bestsellers”, even fewer “square pegs in round holes”. A couple of timeless beauties, complex but not loud, singing sotto voce

I felt a much “lighter” (not necessarily “simpler”!) overall vibe, soliflores, fields of flowers, strong “Ambery-Woody-Cedarwoods” and “musks” vibration or “classic beauty” modern interpretations. Some meditative, poetic, very refined fragrances, including sparkling stronger-citruses-then-ever ones. Yes, there’s Oud but it is now being placed in the background, in a much subtler form.

Great perfumers signing quite a few new releases – it seems that big-shot perfumers have been busier than ever! Many new releases were announced yet to come, after Milan! Actually, a few I’m really looking forward to.

Summer 2019 is near: I also noticed many « oceanic, aquatic, sea breeze, relax ‘n’ take it easy » perfumes: sea, salt, sand, sunshine, holidays…as well as light florals or green minty-fresh ones, “Apres-Beach party” or classy French Riviera interpretations. Mood:

Important notice! Where you see no perfume-bottle-photos, it’s because: a) I forgot to take photos b) light was terrible and I had to delete photos – the ones I took wouldn’t be doing a favor to a brand c) I completely forgot to take photos because conversation was way more important, or d) same as c) but being completely blinded by love.

Let’s take a closer quick look at:::

Atelier des Ors

Riviera Collection

It’s always my pleasure to meet Megan Paki and JeanPhilippe Clermont: last year they surprised us with the White Collection…This year Atelier bottles turned deep-sea-blue (blue glass, not fragrances!), marking a new collection that promises a feeling of classy holiday evenings bliss at the French Riviera (Riviera Lazuli), easy-going mornings in a lush Mediterranean garden with lemon and orange trees (Pomelo Riviera), or relaxed afternoon drives along A8 highway along Côte d’Azur in a cabrio-convertible, wind ruffling gently your hair as you drive into the sunset (Riviera Drive)…

It’s all about old school glamour and Riviera dreaming -bringing back sweet memories of many days spent there…oh, how I long for Summer!

Carner Barcelona

Fresh Collection

Reflecting a Mediterranean “living-is-easy” style with three new fragrances:

– Salado: fresh, sea&salt with prominent orange blossom and cucumber heart. Sunny mornings and that refreshing feeling after the first morning swim in clear blue sea water…my favorite.

– Fig Man: fresh, spicy, with a salty fig leaf and violets accord, warming up to patchouli – tonka bean finish. Siesta time.

– Bobo: ripe mandarine, orange & jasmine flowers, body movement, skin glowing, the sheer joy of fiesta time!

Beso Beach

Hello, Ibiza!

Ibiza: dear Joaquim Carner, please say “Ibiza” again, with that lovely “thhhsz” sound..Ah. The island of love, endless parties, sun-tanned skin, and sea salt in your hair. So he talked about Ibiza (Ibiithhsa) showing me fragrances Carner made for restaurants belonging to The Beso Beach Group, all launched in 2018, signed by Olivier Cresp, Annick Menardo and Christophe Raynard. Summertime flings and kisses:

Beso Canalla: a little bit of lavender in your hair, a little bit of orange on your lips – a flirty kiss, warm and spicy.

Bendito Besso: a fresh, morning-at-the-seaside kiss, with bergamot&jasmine in the shade of a tall cedar tree.

Beso Negro: as the name suggests, late-night kisses – getting more passionate with patchouli-leather tones.

Summer: skin gets darker, hair lighter, and kisses taste better!

Miller et Berteaux

Menta y Menta

Mint that doesn’t smell like toothpaste”: this is a bouquet of Moroccan mint reduced to fill one small fragrant teacup… So fine and well blended, like mint tea with a touch of jasmine – calming and gently warm in the drydown.

What a lovely discovery, one of my Esxence highlights.



All their timeless beauties exhibited at Esxence, plus Aenotus – a new fragrance by Antoine Lie, launched on 1/3/2019 – my review already published, you can check it out here.

I stopped by a couple of times and finally met Jan Ewoud Vos (founder) on Saturday (wearing a light blue jacket matching Aenotus colors), and we talked for quite some time. That helped me understand his signature fragrance better: quiet waters run deep…

“The Dutch prince of classy perfumes” does sometimes leave his castle hidden somewhere in The Netherlands to mingle with other people of perfumes: cool, composed, well-educated, aware of fragcomm but keeping his distance with grace. His passion is not bluntly exposed, his dedication firm and aligned with his personal values. Classy. Aenotus style.

Let’s take a walk around some other exhibition stands, in random order, just like I did:

Santi Burgas

Primal Waters Collection

Launched at Pitti in September last year (and on mind ever since), this new collection, like everything Santi does – is as niche as it gets. I won’t stop talking about it because, in my opinion, this brand deserves more attention. Three new fragrances in this collection: A, N, T (yes, ant!)!

My personal favorite is AADH – The scent of the anthill. Earth, mushrooms, vetiver, patchouli, and oakmoss: so different, so interesting. Most peculiar: it feels like you are breathing and living a busy life somewhere deep inside corridors of a freshly built ant hill…

Let’s not forget N – like NYC – a blend that the perfumer made for himself: a lovely, citrusy-green-herbal-fresh fragrance with a pinch of mint, and T as TDM (Toroella de Montgri – the town where Santi lives): herbal, smelling like Mediterranean hillside shrubs and bushes, aromatic with sage and thyme. Poetic.

Different, bold, and passionate: signed by Rodrigo FloresRoux, these fragrances are something else and I’ll write more about them. Bravo, Santi!

Sarah Baker

This nose belongs to Sarah! I had no previously arranged meeting with her, but she graciously welcomed me and took her time to chat with ease about four new fragrances (new bottles, too!): Atlante (an A&O 2019 Finalist) by Sarah McCartney, Rules of Attraction and Jungle Jezebel by Miguel Matos, and Charade by Andreas Wilhelm.

Quite a line-up there, right?

I also must admit that aquatic Atlante attracted me immediately, but I certainly plan to devote more time to all four, especially much talked about JJ – now available in a more “decent” bottle (although the Divine -inspired one is still available, as limited edition. Yes, that bottle makes perfect sense. Divine, remember?).


Meet the Blackbird team!

When I first stumbled upon their Y06S in Milan last year (a funky jasmine-gone-bananas fragrance with milky-electronic plastic-static notes&Oud), it positively surprised me: hey, it’s strange, funny, delicious, different, creative, and so wearable at the same time! I keep smiling when I think about it. Fun!

This year I rushed to their stand: Blackbird launched Pipe Bomb Pink: a synth-boosted hi-tech metallic-salty rose-short-circuit Eau de Parfum (Pipe Bomb flanker, and one of the most unusual roses I’ve ever smelt, kept re-spraying!), and Universal Supreme: a sweet&sour gourmand staub-sugar-ground cherry-pits freshly baked industrial pie with almonds-launching June 15th!

Not memory-triggering, rather create-your-own-fantasy-here-and-now fragrances – innovative, cool, relaxed unisex sexy, and unconventional!



What can I say that hasn’t been said before about this whole collection? Enter Splendiris, launched in Paris on 18/4/2019: I also received a sample a while ago: a very Dusita-handwriting tainted fragrance – smooth and vibrant, soft and earthy, so tenderly rhyming violet, iris and rose at its heart, serving them on a fresh fig leaf, oranges, and carrot seed -with a sensual drydown that’s recalling misty layers of last night’s dreams. I must admit that it wasn’t my love at first sniff: (maybe because of its name) I was expecting more buttery, rooty Orris (and I love that!), but it wasn’t until the second or third wearing that I started to fully enjoy its delicate, flowering beauty in the opening. Spring and warmer weather suit it well… And this trembling flower and all its parts, down to the dreamy aura it reflects so sublimely- managed to get under my skin.

Oudh Infini is one of my greatest Dusita loves, and on my skin, it is simply sensational! Ask Pissara, she’ll confirm!


Ithaka and Talento

Barefoot Perfume Fairy Stefania was presenting two new fragrances. She is one of those wonderful people of perfumes that make you feel that it was all worth it! Quick sniff& draft: Ithaka (Odori d’Anima Collection) is a fragrant poem about life journeys, destinations, new ports and harbors you sail to or return to ones well known. Ithaka brought tears to my eyes: I lost words. It carries traces of seawater, the opulence of stunning incense, Amber and Vanilla…

Talento (Talismans Collection): since I’m on a personal journey through a “year of roses” in 2019, this fragile, cold, just-budding rose featuring mint leaves and soft, silky-woody comfort is definitely a different, optimistic, youthful rose – although I could smell its thorns, tiny sharp rose thorns as well, still soft but present. A beautiful rose it is…every drop of it! Presentation is fascinating as always: that ceramic bottle cap!


Velvet Splendour

It’s always my pleasure to meet Dimitri Weber and to listen with how much love he talks about Australia! Velvet Splendour is the newest addition: its sunrise is displaying lovely hues of orange blossoms and puffy, soft, bright yellow mimosa blossoms. Sunset of this fragrance is like thick oriental silk imprinted with a Tonka accord, with Opoponax adding a honeyed and sensual touch to Ambergris notes in the drydown. Elegant, a bit powdery, Oriental-spicy fragrance. Summer again, but this time in February, somewhere in deserts of South Australia. While I chatted with Dimitri, I forgot to take any photos. Which turned out ok, since he invited me to attend the launch in my home town, et voila!

Ormonde Jayne

Elixir Collection

I managed to arrange a meeting with Linda Pilkington, founder, creative director, and perfumer! When I arrived at OJ stand, dear Ivan Lozic (Brand Manager) was there too: what a warm welcome! I enjoyed our conversation, and Linda explained to me everything about Elixirs: chosen classics with a new twist. These beauties – Osmanthus, Ta’if, Royal, Ormonde, and Isfarkand– are stronger than ever (extrait), and Ta’if newly interpreted with addition Cambodian Oud, in a most subtle and elegant way.

You might’ve guessed that I’m an OJ Ta’if lover: I simply melt every time I feel this fragrance. THE Ta’if Rose for me! I could write poems about it, or love songs to it: I’m drooling all over the keyboard just when I think about it…heaven, I’m in thirty-petals Ta’if rose floriental heaven!

Let me just tell you this: the addition of Cambodian Oud is discreet yet so justified, and…so royal. There I go, falling in love head over heels, utterly and helplessly – again!

I was a bit nervous before our meeting, having such a high opinion of Linda: she is very approachable, simple and sweet! I managed to take only a couple of not-so-perfect photos, for reason c) as above mentioned, and d) I fell in love.

Jacques Fath

Essentials – Red Shoes

Released recently (Cannes last September, I think) and new to me: Cecile Zarokian created this fragrance inspired by a 1948 ballet movie and a beautiful red silk evening gown (created by Jacques Fath), sensual as heavy silk on your skin, sensational as Rose Damascena with a specific Zarokian touch: she has her way with Patchouli and spices…Juicy-ginger-fruity, chic, feel-good, and made me smile instantly! Didn’t have a meeting scheduled at JF (I guess I should have had?), talked to no one, no one talked to me, so basically I helped myself at this stand (too). Next time I’ll do better..


Exhibiting for the first time at Esxence! I could finally feel and touch these lovely bottles! My interview with Anastasia Sokolow (brand owner) and Cecile Zarokian, plus a short review of all fragrances is here. Anastasia showed me that the metal bottle cap can be worn as a ring!

Rassei Fort

What interested me the most was Kolonya by Rassei Fort, because I didn’t have a chance to try it before Milan. If his grandfather smelled like this, I only can wish more men today would smell the same. That a cologne! Rassei does blend his fragrances in a most amazing way: they transform with time and wear. Refined, complex, revealing itself layer by layer while you are wearing it – this is so enjoyable!

Optimistic citruses, a lovely Iris, plum, rosewood and flowers, Vetiver and hay, lavender and tobacco, and I felt the finest touch of animalic musk as well. This is more than just a cologne – it is mesmerizing and elegant.

Nice meeting Rassei – he is a living ‘n’ walking selfie stick – check out that arms-span:

Essence Rare

Released in September last year (again), not really a re-write (in my opinion), but a totally new, modern and refined composition featuring the classic French archetype holy trio: rose, jasmine, and lily-of-the-valley – by the same perfumer – the one and only Jean Claude Ellena! A drop-dead-beautiful, heavenly executed Lily of the Valley (and I’ve never been a huge fan of it…), a huge romantic floral bouquet for a true lady. The base is so graciously feminine: vanilla done the only possible way I could ever love it, powdery and discreet, sprinkled over sandalwood and amber. This perfume unfolds little by little in a most subtle, elegant way. A joyful celebration of the beauty of life! I managed to take this photo while just standing there in front of their stand, silent, for a loooong time. I think they might have thought that I’m just a little bit strange – all I could utter while sniffing my wrists was “Oh!” and “Ah!”. Love, and must have!

Etat Libre d’Orange

Experimentum Crucis

Etienne de Swardt, Creative Director at ELDO was so kind, helpful, patient and friendly, even though it must have been a x-thousandth time he had to repeat the inspirational story behind Experimentum Crucis during one day, and day after day for four days: about Isaac. Isaac who? Isaac Newton! It’s clearly not only about the famous apple: Experimentum is also about light and gravity, about things and ideas that change the destiny of us humans. How does that relate to this perfume? Well, Etienne says that perfumes linger in space between fundamental science and feelings (love), and the element that makes these fragrant “experiments crucial” is – your skin!
Experimentum Crucis is a honeyed rose sprinkled with cumin seeds, boosted up by hi-tech Givaudan Akigalawood (fractioned from patchouli, with a woody-spicy-floral accord in the drydown – you’ve smelled it before), and so much more than that. This fragrance made me stop and think: it felt strong (cumin) in the opening but then it moved at a slower pace, it became lighter, more floral/fruity. I felt that typical ELDO fizziness, rose-honey-rose bursts, nicely done patchoulish tones (I don’t like it too heavy anyway) and it still remained sparkling woody-fruity. ELDO sexy on my skin…

Olivier Durbano

Poems Stones

It’s no secret: Olivier’s Pyrit Ana Tra (2018) made me cry, right there and then while he was still talking about the fragrance, and explaining his inspiration behind it. I know I surprised him, but luckily Anne-Cécile from L’Osmotheque came by and explained to him that I tend to cry and get all emotional when smelling an exceptional fragrance, and yes, I am an empath – so we’re good now. He says it’s a perfume of the Enlightenment: carrying his vibrations, transferring his emotions, the first fragrance in his new collection…it did vibrate to me.
I really can’t precisely explain why it moved me so strongly: it’s not because of any singular note or accord – it just felt so comforting, safe, tender and loving, primordial and true. Like a kind of a sanctuary built of big white-stone blocks, when you can actually smell the surrounding grass, rocks, trees, Nature breathing, and all that feels so out of this world, transporting you to your inner Universe… Is hugging a huge, soothingly warm rock on a foggy day, feeling grounded and extremely happy about the whole experience an appropriate description? No? Add a bit of dry tobacco, licorice and a pinch of resinous leather. And just close your eyes and FEEL. All feeling, not thinking, so I took only this one photo…

J. F. Schwarzlose Berlin


Timeless elegance, retro-chic inspiration, again. I must admit I’m fond of Schwarzlose because my father wears Zeitgeist (a souvenir from Berlin) sometimes, and I am instantly sentimental with 1A-33 and it’s Unter den Linden, “Berliner Luft” feeling. Their new launch is named 20/20 – inspired by roaring ’20ies in Berlin, glamour, dancing, cabaret, burlesque, and living like there’s no tomorrow. It’s based on their original formula of perfume Chic, dating back to 1920. Well, now 1920 meets 2020 – resulting in 20/20: a fruity floral with some spicy patchouli and vibrant, cool rose. Goes well with red lipstick and black suits.

Gustave Eiffel Parfumes

Courone d’Italie and Anne de Russie

Two new fragrances, inspired by awards given to Gustave Eiffel: the first one, Courone d’Italie is sparkling fresh with a white floral heart and a lovely tomato leaf and rhubarb twist, and the second one, Anne de Russie is my personal favorite: a spicy jasmine&rose heart with darker castoreum tones, and just enough of leather to make it “de Russie”. Interesting, and I like these bottles!

Olfactive Studio

Seppia Collection – 3 new launches

I missed Olfactive Studio’s vlogger/ blogger meeting and presentation at 11 AM on the first day (something a few brands organized this year…and I attended none…), had no pre-arranged meeting, so I stopped by on Saturday to check out these 3 new fragrances in the Seppia Collection: Violet Shot, Rose Shot, and Iris Shot – by Dominique Ropion. During a very quick sniffing tour – Iris Shot caught my attention: a bright, green, almonds-milky and sharp spicy Iris, just slightly sweet when showing its woody side. A gourmand-Iris perfume, with a healthy touch of Ambroxan. The official launch is announced for September. I only took a couple of quick blotter-sniffs, so I’ll try to wear and smell these new releases later, when possible.

Maison Olibere

Les Insoumises Collection

Marjorie Olibere exhibited this year Les Mythiques Collection collection (Chemical Love, Dangerous Rose, Savannah’s Heart, and Leather Attraction), but the spotlight was on the Les Insoumises Collection (2018), signed by Luca Maffei: Le Jardin De Madame Chan, Le Jardin De La Reine, Le Jardin De Mistinguet and Le Jardin D’Amelie. The Romance Collection, light, fresh, pastel-colored, Spring/Summer-appropriate, inspired by female movie characters and legendary films. These are “timeless elegance” Eaux de Parfum, and my first choice is Le Jardin d’Amelie, because it made me think about the main character’s smile and inner beauty, an instant positivity dose. This rhubarb-raspberry-rose layering is so optimistic! Maybe it’s also because, just like Amelie, I love cracking the top layer of crème brûlée. Don’t you?

Rosendo Mateu

Olfactive Expressions No. 6

No 6 is the latest addition to this line, I had a chance to try it in Barcelona right after it was released. Master Perfumer Rosendo Mateu‘s sixth fragrance is a sensual-oriental fragrance: Sambac Jasmine underlined with vanilla strikes me first, but it’s not done with a heavy hand. It floats on soft cushions of warm Amber. After the initial sensual blast, it becomes more of a soft floral fragrance, blending Jasmine, synthetic musks and Amber with just a touch of spices, giving it a salty-fruity-coconut touch. Not revolutionary, but nicely composed and executed: reminds me of after-midnight walks around Barcelona in August…

Meo Fuscuini


Oh! Spirito…smells like a dream. Or waking up in a dark, green, shady, misty forest. You are in perfect balance with Nature, and its breath makes you inhale that stunning herbal smell, slightly resinous, with beautiful, bright vetiver: you feel at peace with Universe. A beauty. Fine and complex, poetic and pensive. Thank you, Meo for this lovely fougere…touching me soul-deep. What a discovery! I must return to it: a total eclipse of my heart!

Rania J

Musc Moschus

Lovely, smiling, warm-hearted Rania Jouaneh welcomed Ana Y El Parfum, her sister and me like close family members: her new Musc Moschus is a fragrance we all talked about. With a reason: this is a very beautiful and unusual musk-centered perfume, combining different shades and vibrations of musks – not pushing them back to the base, but rather allowing them to shine softly in hues of golden honey and ripe fruits. Lovely, congratulations Rania!

Perris Monte Carlo

Rose de Mai and Jasmin de Pays (Grasse)

My expectations were high: I mostly helped myself at their stand, lifting glass bells covering scented cotton buds (no photos, I forgot to take any). This is it. Really. If you want to pay homage to Grasse, who’re you gonna call? Master Perfumer Jean Claude Ellena, of course. The man that can tell from which field surrounding Grasse and at what time in a day a rose was picked, btw. Jasmin de Pays is a tribute to this flower, city, region, tradition, the youth of a perfumer and art of perfumery written in delicate handwriting of a Master Perfumer I adore. Creamy jasmine with a gentle touch of clove and soft musks, living through all phases of Jasmine, from fragile softness to indolic thickness…or simply THE jasmine from Grasse, and one day it shall be mine.

Rose de Mai is pure poetry, again so divine in its seemingly simple feeling of dewy freshness, but only when it settles down you see a Centifolia Rose trembling on light breeze coming all the way from the Alps into the valley, early in the morning, opening its young pink petals with every golden ray of Provencal sunshine. Yet, this is not a bright pink rose only: enhanced with immortelle it shows its deep, dark beauty, the moment that broke my heart. This IS it. I’m in love. Again.


Like a Jewel

What a pleasant surprise! He must be smiling, wherever he is now: Freddie, I mean…Luca Maffei translates that unique Freddie Mercury burst of energy with the use of citrusy-ginger-fruity accord expanding over fragrant octaves from soprano-high to rose touched tenor and almost metallic baritone. I was so startled that I forgot to take a photo! Sparkling glam. I want it all!


NU Leather

I was stumbling around The Mall and almost missed their stand, because – they’ve changed – everything! A new visual concept was presented at Esxence, new bottles 100/8,5/2ml, new perfume (long expected) added too: NU Leather by Master Perfumer Luca Maffei! Luca does it again: what a Dolce Vita leather, on my skin boozy spicy suede – a gourmand garment…It glides from bitter to sweet…spicy to woody, at moments fruity too, in utter opulence – dat a “leather”! Beautiful. Congratulations!

I think I’m going to proclaim 2020 to be my “Year of Leather”…I can wear it with ease and confidence.

A photo I almost forgot to take, but Kate from Australia reminded me: yes, that’s The Plum Girl logo on a roll-up, listed as an Esxence Media Partner!

More friendly faces, love, love, love:

Stay classy and fragrant! Part IIIEvents&Extras is coming up next!

The Plum Girl

Elena Cvjetkovic

Photos: The Plum Girl, Esxence Official, friends&brands


Less than three weeks to EsxenceThe Scent of Excellence in Milan! So much to do: breathe, Elena, breathe…(and don’t forget to pack a pair of sneakers). Spring has sprung and so have many new perfumes!

I’ve given up detailed planning: I have a couple of meetings & two parties confirmed, and a long list of must-do&sniff. I also need to back up tons of photos from my iPhone, free up space in its and my memory. I think I also mastered a bit the art of IG “pretty” photos, naah and taaa-da. There will be a lot of documentary photos from Milan…Imperfect ones, of course!

Everything else – go with the flow, it’s called Inspiration Flow this year anyway. I just hope to return with enough material for many more reviews to follow and to manage to report daily, sharing the most interesting moments with you. After all, The Plum Girl blog is a media partner with Esxence 2019!

I also hope (eternal optimist) that I’ll be completely swept away by at least three new perfumes!

Doing some creative thinking as well: I have a theme for all posts. I’ll try to do something a bit different…to bring the people of Esxence closer to you.

Here is what I managed to gather up to now:

The final and a complete list of niche brands exhibiting on Esxence this year, here.

New/Upcoming/Heard-about-it/ Reminder/Need to check out, in random and alphabetical order:

Le Jardin Retrouvé Experience Store – Grand Opening April 11 at 7 pm – 55 rue Montmartre Paris – you can book our perfume tour on Airbnb! I remember the “old” place, it was lovely! Clara and Michael put a lot of effort into this, so next time when in Paris…

Andy Tauer is working on a new perfume! He calls it “unreleased” and plans to get it done by May/June – or in his own words, on his IG account:

Nishane – something new is definitely coming up and it’s by Cecile Zarokian! Looking forward to it.

Francesca Bianchi, my sister from another mother, did it again – Sex and the Sea / Neroli and Etruscan Water – 2 new fragrances, launching in May! OK, the first one might be considered a “flanker”, but it’s not really. I’m totally subjective and…oh! I’ll lock myself away somewhere with Etruscan Water and write a proper, full review soon, I promise. A short IG review is coming up:

Puredistance – Aenotus – long-awaited and launched on 1.3.2019 – my detailed review is here

Parfums Dusita – Splendiris – launching 18.4.2019 – Dusita Boutique in Paris, presenting at Esxence. Yet another beauty from Pissara:

Rasei Fort – Kolonya – new!

UER MI – Nu Leather – new, by Luca Maffei – long-awaited

Masque Milano – Kintsugi

Filippo Sorcinelli Brand – new fragrance collection! And- new Home Collection, exhibiting on Esxence as well:


 I remember when – in Mondolfo

Filippo Sorcinelli for the first time atFuorisalone, the important show in connection with Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan during the Milano Design Week 2019 from the 9th to the 14th of April.

In the occasion of this prestigious show Filippo Sorcinelli reveals to the public a new Home Design collection entirely inspired by his Atelier LAVS, his childhood in Mondolfo (his hometown), one of the nicest villages in Italy.”

Mendittorosa– two new fragrances. Ithaca and Talento! More at Esxence!

Carner Barcelona – The Fresh Collection – new, already launched.

Olibere Parfums – presenting 4 fragrances by Luca Maffei, the spotlight is on: Madame Chan, Amelie, Miatinguet and Marie Antoinette – Les Insoumises quartet – presented last year, being launched now! (I need to find a way to organize my samples asap!):

Etat Libre d’Orange – new Experimentum Crucis!

Goldfield and Banks: Esxence launch of a new fragrance, I quote: “The fragrance is an oriental spicy resinous fragrance with Australian Wattle (native mimosa) , oppoponax, tonka, amber…. Sunburnt wildflowers in the desert of South Australia…. very powerful scent…..” You can find my review of Southern Bloom here.

More, in alphabetical order:

Alex Simione Monte Carlo – New Collection

Anima Mundi – new fragrance – Secret of Ancient Times

Antiqua Firenze Profumi – Antiqua, coming soon

Blackbird – Anemone (and just about everything else, I’m very curious), NEW: PIPE BOMB PINK -Rosy cheeks, oxford cloth shirts, plastic baby dolls, pink crayons, sparkling rosé, polluted sunsets, and Japanese candy, Pipe Bomb Pink riffs off the original Pipe Bomb’s magic ability to hide in the shadows and turn heads, this time with a colorful swipe of gentle pink to make us all blush. SCENT NOTES: saltwater, sweat, metal, roses, pink crayons (brand description)

Chabaud – Ile Mistique

Elisire – 2 new creations

Eutiopie – no 11 – Spring in Prague

Fort&Manle – Forty Thieves

Hiram Green – Hyde

Houbigant – Essence Rare (JCE, swoon, drool…)

Nobile 1942 – 2 new fragrances: Il sentiero degli Dei and Levante:

Olfactive Studio Parfums: news shall be disclosed at Esxence on Thursday morning…

Santi Burgas – the Primal Waters Collection, mmmmm the anthill one, I remember that it was intriguing:

…and so much more! A big thank you to brands that sent their press releases…

Let’s move to Awards time in April.

During Esxence we shall find out who won the Art&Olfaction Awards, the prestigious acknowledgment for independent artistic perfumery!

The Fragrance Foundation Awards finalists were disclosed in New York on the 5th of April. The winners in each of the top categories will be announced at the annual Fragrance Foundation Awards on Wednesday, June 5, 2019.
This year they didn’t disclose top 10 finalists in all categories (alas), only top 5 (I’ll fail better next year), and here are some runners up and winners (bold):

Allure, The Beauty of Living Forever Through Fragrance

Byredo Eleventh Hour
Commodity Bois
Diana Vreeland Empress of Fashion
EB Florals Gardenia Oud
Miller Harris Scherzo
Shalini Parfum Amorem Rose

Have your thoughts about perfumes that should win an award? Consumers Choice voting is open, so you can cast your vote at vote.fragrance.org. For the complete list of finalists – click here.

Perfumed Plume Awards: the Awards ceremony shall be held on April 10 at The Society of Illustrators, NYC. 2019 finalists are revealed and oooops! I did it again:

Finalists/New Category: INSTApost – Perfume Stories on Instagram The criteria for judging: originality/creativity of visual element(s); quality of the post content:

but_not_today – The Plum Girl – by Elena Cvjetkovic

From close-up, no-one is normal – esxenceofficial – by Beatrice Balzarotti.

I don’t consider myself to be an “Instagramer” at all…Yet, this nomination made me put a little more effort in my IG photos and posts. Of course, I really don’t think that I can compete with professional photographers but there I am, yay!

The recipient of the 2019 Perfumed Plume Awards Fragrance Book of the Year is “Spritzing to Success…With the Woman Who Brought an Industry to Its Senses” by the legendary Annette Green.

For the complete list of finalists click here.

I wish you the most wonderful April! See you soon! :-*

The Plum Girl

Elena Cvjetkovic

Photos&Info: The Plum Girl, various brand press releases/ official IG accounts/webpages, and Jakub from Persefume.

Samples were generously provided (TPG photos) by perfume brands, opinions of my own. This is not a sponsored content. It never is: