I hope my TPG newsletter No.3  finds you well and safe at home! My home router is showing signs of life again, so here I am with more thoughts&musings, useful information, and brand recommendations! Shaken, not stirred…and going on! Because…I need beauty in life now. I do, perfumes bring me joy and I love to share it!

Here comes my second #sprayathome #sprayitforward Newsletter No.2: I hope you are all at home and well. Times are complicated but our love for perfumes unites us, so I’ll keep sharing news that small perfume brands have sent me. We’re at war. The enemy is invisible. I truly believe that we should all share our resources with the community, and support each other in times of need. I hope you’ll find something for yourself: if you’re looking for a perfume to make you feel better, help you endure or make you feel glamourous,  make sure to shop online and from niche/indie/artisan brands!