A new Bond is born, launching this September – M V2Q, created by Antoine Lie for Puredistance Masterperfumes, replacing M 03, designed by Roja Dove. The new “Bond” is self-aware, strong, meticulously groomed, but human – spicy, ambery, with soft skin and tenderness at its heart.

Puredistance M 03 had a life well-lived, for twelve years. Roja Dove created then a fragrance to match the Aston Martin interior, oozing the air of classy richness. Its intense elegance, expressed in the form of an almost vintage style aromatic chypre was appreciated by many.

Due to the changes in IFRA regulations (according to Puredistance) and the resulting need for reformulation, Puredistance didn’t want to follow the path of asking another perfumer to “rewrite” M, to flanker, or to imitate – themselves.

Antoine Lie, having created several fragrances for Puredistance (Aenotus, Black, Gold, and White) accepted the challenge of creating a – new Bond.

While M 03 was inspired by Sean Connery, the brief for the new M asked for a new, upgraded Bond too – having in mind Daniel Craig (and his future successor).

So, how did the master Lie twist the traditional alpha-male fragrance into the new imagery (as said in the interview published by the brand) of “a more sensitive, emotional, and contemporary but still very
a masculine signature, keeping its boldness.”?

By making a completely new M, although they have many ingredients in common! That’s the beauty of the creation of a perfume, you can have literally the same ingredients, and the final result can be totally different! The quality of raw materials used also matters; using exclusive ingredients by Atelier Français des Matières could mean a world of difference in hands of a master perfumer!

I will not focus on the differences between the two, M 03 is dead. Long live the new M V2Q!

Puredistance M V2Q

Make no mistake, this IS a leather fragrance. But. Not old-school, exclusively and unconditionally tough, bold but not overpowering, masculine but not overwhelming!

Right from the start smoothness is what draws you in, dressed in an elegant dark suit, rich and heady, slightly sweet just before the warm spices roll in. It fills the space around you, securing you gently in a fragrant cocoon, with just a couple of sprays. The opening is grand, bold, and powerful, The new Bond, James Bond wastes no time to grab all of your attention.

And when it knocks you off your feet, slowly, gently, and smoothly, the fragrance reveals a heart of (beautiful!) jasmine sambac, a floral heart that tastes dangerous and promising at the same time, bittersweet and still spicy and green. And some. Its moves are well-paced, revealing softer-feeling pine-leathery notes almost from the beginning but there are moments filled with softness from within, expressed by beautiful powdery and floral touches.

And yet, succumbing to its “softer” side doesn’t make it lose its strength of character. The leather is very finely executed, feeling at moments very classical, but the whole fragrant story the new Bond tells is impressive. All the way to the drydown, ambery and sensual – with lingering traces of soft smoke and woods. Very kissable.

M V2Q Puredistance samplw

The new Bond is living in the 21 century, exhibiting emotional depth that removes him from the physically tough and emotionally weak alpha-male stereotype, with a balance between being ferocious and subtle. More human, easier to identify yourself with.

The fantasy remains, growing stronger than before, and I love losing myself in it.

Notes: (As listed by the brand): Orange blossom (Marocco), Pink peppercorn (Réunion), Lavender essence (Provence). Cinnamon (Madagascar), Cypriol (India), Pine tar (France), Jasmine Sambac (India). Patchouli (Aceh), Vanilla (Madagascar), Labdanum (Spain), Tonka (Venezuela), Cedarwood (Texas).

Available upon listing as 17.5, 60, and 100 ml 28% Extrait de Parfum, at Puredistance E-store.

Puredistance team
Puredistance Team, photo by Puredistance

Editor’s Note: This year Puredistance celebrates its 20th anniversary, with (besides their famous notebook in which I write down all notes for perfume reviews) two books issued: THE STORY OF PUREDISTANCE (written by Birgit Oeckher, including The Plum Girl review of Sheiduna) and THE WORLD OF PUREDISTANCE IN PHOTOS 2002 – 2022.

Please check availability and options for receiving a free copy with your orders on the Puredistance website.

The Plum Girl
Elena Cvjetkovic
Photos: Elena Cvjetkovic, Puredistance
A 2,5 sample was kindly sent to me by Puredistance in June 2022, opinions of my own.

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